In Conversation: Stepping out and building a business

I am always inspired by mothers who dare to step out of their comfort zones, whether they are SAHMs or FTWMs, to start their own business. I have always wanted to do the same. Ideas have been conceived, but never really gotten down to putting my plans into action. It takes a lot of discipline and I am personally still working towards making my dream a reality. 

Relax at Team Salon, JEM.

My search for the right hair stylist has been ongoing for a couple of years now and this is ever since my regular stylist left. Anyway, going to the salon these days is a luxury, and I often have to take leave so I can have my hair done in peace. So, leave, I took last week, and did the most bizarre thing in picking which salon to go. I got onto Lookbooker , selected the day, time and area I wanted to go, and up came the salon with available slots.

At 2.5 years old

Hello there little man! Papa often says how you have overtaken him as the love of Mummy's life, and I can understand why. You have the qualities of mummy's dream guy. You are funny and say the darnest things that often gets me bending down in stitches. While sometimes you get whiny just be because you don't get your way, I see that as you knowing what you want.

Looking bleak on day 12

Seriously, I don't know if this will eventually get posted. But I think, as always, i need the outlet to make myself feel a little better. It is day 11 past the insemination. The cramps got worst and for the entire day, I was afraid to visit the loo.

4th SO-IUI cycle for number 2

This is our 4th insemination cycle trying for number 2, the 3rd after the ectopic pregnancy. It took us a few months in between before deciding to try another time for reasons that some of you may be familar with.  Fear.

Poolzies Pool Shoes + GIVEAWAY!

Water playgrounds have become commonplace in hot and sunny Singapore, and they are great for keeping the little ones cool and occupied. When I run out of ideas of how to occupy J, we will either bring him downstairs to the pool or to a nearby water play ground. What bothers me about public water playgrounds is the hygiene. Those little feet step all over the rubberized ground. We don't know how often it is sanitized and is likely a breeding ground for germs. It is also often a hazard for kiddos to run around barefooted as they might step on something sharp or in some cases slip and fall. The risk of the latter is even higher at swimming pools as the tiles are usually quite slippery.

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for your closest girl friends

Searching for that perfect gift for your girl friends, look no further!  Discount code in the post! We are less than 2 months away from Christmas, and parts of Orchard Road already has the festive lighting up. It is also around this time that I start sourcing for gifts since I do a lot of my shopping online. Need to take into consideration shipping time. So here's sharing some of the items I think will make great gifts for those girly get togethers.  And... this is really a major spoiler for my own girl friends since I have already purchased some of these ready to wrap and go under the Christmas Tree!