Weekend Exploits #5 - The Treehouse Cafe

This post is almost 3 months late, but better late than never yah? It was a lazy Saturday morning, and we wanted to have a leisurely brunch with the boy. We decided to explore The Grandstand  after reading so much about it on other mummies' blogs. Pasar Bella plus all the kiddy related outlets were good enough reasons to make us interested.  The Treehouse Cafe is located on the fround floor of The Grandstand and had a 2 storey play area. It seemed perfect for a slow meal while J busies himself at the play area, or so we thought.  The play area was rather bare to be honest, with toys and books nicely placed on kiddy chairs and shelves. I would say what they have there is sufficient to entertain perhaps 3 to 4 kids? I guess if there isn't many customers, it would be fine. There were a 3 kids that day. J being the youngest was shoved and told not to touch the toys. So, we took J to the upper deck only to have the kids follow closely behind. No surprise that they s

The QUBE Hotel & The Langham Xintiandi - Shanghai

The recent work trip to Shanghai gave me the opportunity to stay at two different hotel establishments. My colleagues and I arrived in Shanghai just before midnight , so we planned to settle at some hotel near the airport for the night instead of going all the way into town. Moreover, the first night was supposed to be paid out of our own pockets, so a cheaper option just for a night's rest was a great idea. If you google, there are quite a few hotels claiming to by Shanghai Pudong Airport hotels. However, most require you to either take a 5 to 15 minutes shuttle service or cab ride to the hotel. We picked The QUBE Hotel Pudong . Maybe because it was in the middle of the night, and we left at 10am the next day hence we did not explore outside very much.  I felt that there wasn't much to see or do around the area. There's a shopping centre right next door though with quite a bit of eateries as well as McDonalds. So, at least it's not entirely ulu... if you k

Love in the simple things

It's valentine's day today, and this day holds a special meaning to Hubs and me. 11 years ago, we got together over kway teow soup and iced milo. Not the most romantic valentine's day, but because it was all so simple, it sort of shaped how our relationship was going to be like in the future. I don't remember being taken out for expensive dinners or being romanced under the stars. We buy gifts for each other, not for special occasions like today, but just because we feel like it.  It is precisely this simplicity that makes me appreciate this special man in my life. Trust and communication defines this relationship. All these years, I never needed to second guess what he was thinking about. Yes, I have thrown tantrums, made fuss over the littlest things. I still do really.  But this man tolerates my nonsense all because of the simple reason that he loves me. (Ok lah... although i sometimes don't trust him with the boy... but that's perhaps another stor

WMST#4 - Learning to trust

Delegation requires a certain level of trust between the delegator and "delegatee". I always try to delegate at work as it is the most efficient way to get things done. While not always in the manner I'd like it to be, I accept that there's no perfection anyway. That took me quite a few years to come to terms with and I advocate it to all my colleagues and friends when they whine about how much work they have. Unfortunately, when it comes to matters at home, it is hard to practise what I preach. The fact that J did not come into our lives easy, it is only natural that I want to protect him with all my might. A little too much sometimes (excessive most times actually!). From the time he entered my life, I have been his sole caregiver (other than the lovely teachers from his school). I insisted that I am around J whenever possible. Most times, I rather rush to pick J up from school than bother anyone else in the family to do the job, even if it makes my life a l

Sleeping alone - Part of the weaning series

Before  kids, I dreamt of decorating the nursery with cute little animals, lots of stuffed toys , dreamy looking cot sheets and a fun play corner. Only problem was, there's no room to convert into a nursery. And, that is one of the reasons why I had the motivation to move out of our matrimonial home. Yes, I am superficial that way and I love all things pretty. But, the main reason for wanting a separate room for the boy was because I've always wanted him to be independent from as young as possible. Sure, I enjoy co-sleeping. And to be honest, I missed him when we took the decision to move him to his own room a few weeks back. I still do. While he sleeps in his own cot in our room and only finds his way onto our bed in the middle of the night, I get the jitters just knowing that he is not at a "turn-of-the-body" away. Here's what we did to prepare the  boy (and ourselves ) for the move: 1) We got ourselves a video baby monitor. We wanted t

We all survived

Looks like all three of us survived my 5 days away from the boys.  It really ain't that difficult I suppose, although both the big boy and the little man fell sick right after I stepped out of the country.  I think it was really sweet that the Hubs and my mum decided to keep the fact that the boy had a HFMD scare so I can focus at work. I sure needed it. Other than a major presentation I had to prepare for, I wasn't quite prepared for how difficult the meeting was going to be. Let's just say I needed more than a little culture adjustment.  Ah... but all's well ends well, and I am full up with all the yummy food I have been fed with. So diet here I come for the rest of the week before CNY hits us.  I am not sure if I can do this work travel anytime soon, and I wonder how do these frequent flyers manage. I was exhuasted by the time I landed in Singapore. I could do with a full day's of sleep, only that my mothering duties had to take precedence. 

Separation Anxiety

"5 days without you by my side I sit and wonder if you will be alright. I know i will be all blue without my superglue. Will you feel the same way too? My heart races without your  embraces Will you also miss me and my funny faces?  I worry if you'll get enough to eat I worry if you cannot fall asleep I worry your teeth would have decayed ,when I get back and days of dirty clothes from school unpacked.  I worry your temper tantrums,  Will hold your father at ransom.  I worry about so much more  That's making me not want to go anymore. " Yup! We have one mother with a serious bout of separation anxiety and it is not funny. While thinking about what to pack for my work trip to shanghai, my mind's also through what I need to prepare for the boy just so everyone helping out with J will knows what to do.  Since J was born, we have never really been apart for more than 2 nights. So this