Samsung Galaxy S2 or Galaxy Note....or....

... should I wait for Galaxy S3 to be launched? It is no secret that I have a weakness for mobile/smart phones, and i blame it all on my first job @ Starhub. Today, I still blame my current job for my constant want to upgrade my phone.  Being a digital marketer means I need to constantly keep myself up to date with new 'e' & 'm' technology. After 3 years of being a faithful follower of BlackBerry, I think it is now time to move on to something more snazzy. While I still love the qwerty keypad of BB, and will miss it when I move on, the missing out on all the wonderful apps that other mobile platforms offer greatly outweighs the benefit of being loyal. :) I am currently quite drawn to the Andriod ecosystem.  Maybe because Andriod is open-source, and the ease for developers to submit apps into the market have made it more attractive, as least compared to the BB. SInce I am not a hardcore corporate climber or a super business woman....then BB will end up being a hug

I cannot see my feet!

A lunch conversation reminded me that I am only 2.5 months away to my delivery.  Sounds pretty scary yeah?! At 30 weeks, I am officially in my third trimester. Other than being so huge that I cannot see my feet when standing upright, life seems to be slowly reverting to the nauseated first trimester days. I can't seem to digest most of my food, and often find myself hugging the toilet bowl. This is actually good news to me given Dr F's incessant complains that I am putting on too much weight. But, really...I have only gained 12kg after 7 it really that much? Let's see if the nausea and puking can help keep my weight gain in check. At 30 weeks,  I should really be getting excited with  all the shopping I can go crazy with for Beanie especially during this season of endless baby fairs. However, I am either too lazy to go out and join the crowd, or I start getting aches all over after only walking for a bit. Pregnant or not, I have never liked crowds, much less

Random daily thots 02032012

Have been tuning in to JJ Lin and Sun Yanzi's songs daily... Will Beanie sing as well as them in future? Maybe I can call Beanie Jonas Lin Jun Jie? Triple J ? Hahaha! Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

The Body Shop's "Drops of Youth"

The Body Shop launched a pre-serum " Drops of Youth" under their Nutriganics range of products in January (I think). While I regularly visit the Body Shop's Green Sanctuary for my facials, my therapist will not usually recommend  every new product that comes on their shelves, mainly due to the nature of my sensitive skin. Drops of Youth, on the other hand, was highly advocated by her. She was practically pushing it to me. Maybe, after leaving my face in her good hands for 7 years, she is hinting that i need to start anti-aging products.   Apparently, "Drops of Youth" is called a pre-serum because it can be fitted into any skincare regime, and is best used before your daily serum. It uses plant stem cels to help renew the skin's surface, bringing it through a renewal process, combating the first signs of aging. The gel-like serum is very light in texture, and it takes only about a drop of two to soothe onto the face. I find that it takes a few seconds to

Dealing with pregnancy myths

Ok...i believe many mummys out there have gone through similar expriences where well meaning friends and family members tell you what you should or should not do when you are pregnant. Many of these are of course what some of us deem as " myths" which are actually practices by our older generation in the bygone days. Here are some of what I have heard: - To ensure your baby is well behaved, we should let them wear some old clothes at birth. - Cannot use old baby bedsheets, as the character of your baby will be like the previous baby who used it. - Eating crabs will cause your baby to be hyperactive - Eating oranges will cause your baby to have a lot of phelgm. - Pregnant women should stay away from chemicals such as hair dyes and nail polish - Drinking coffee will make your baby's skin dark. - Pregnant women should avoid any renovations or contructions as it may cause birth defects. ...and the list goes on. Well...while I can understand how some people tend to

All you need is love!

No roses. No heartshaped balloons. No candle light dinner. But I got a promise of abundance of love and a lifetime of comfort smell (aka his stinky smell) from the man. Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Bad Hair Day

What differentiates a bad hairdresser vs. a good one is whether or not they can give the hardest to manage hair a good cut that grows out nicely. I have one of the hardest to manage hair with waves that has a mind of their own. For over 10 years, I always flet rebonding was the best invention ever, which i won't need a good hairdresser. Now with my pregnancy... i finally see my natural hair once again. VIsited this guy Desmond @ Jurong Point Jantzen..... been 3 days and so far , my lion's mane still looks easy to manage (not without the blowdryer though). Feel comfortable with he does not attempt to small talk too much. Let's hope he stays on... so I can get him to handle my hair after Beanie comes out.