Anniversary Staycation @ Siloso Beach Resort

30th December 2011 saw us celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. Time certainly zooms pass us, and this anniversary will be the last where we celebrate as "just us". Next year this time, Beanie will join in the celebration... as the labour of our love  :) Dying to go overseas, I booked ourselves into Siloso Beach Resort @ Sentosa. (Well... going across that bridge is still considered overseas right? ) I  will do a short review of the resort in a while, but just let me recount the day's happenings first. Celebrations started on 29th December.  We got up bright & early, and headed to the sonographer's for my week 20 fetal anomaly scan. I was a little nervous as I have not seen Beanie for over a month, so am not sure if everything's alright. My worries were unfounded, and this early morning visit brought us the best anniversary present we could ask for.... that was the gender of Beanie. We are expecting a Dragon Boy! Yay! This wonderful news....coupled wi

Random daily thoughts - 180112

My horoscope says the year of the dragon is bad for my career, and this bad fortune will follow me wherever I go... Meaning changing a job will not make things any better. Advice is to lie low and stick it out a little. Hmmm......... *ponder*. Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

Happy 2012!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!! The last few days of 2011 ended with a blast! Albeit falling sick on new year's day, and the first day back at work was smooth which is good.. so let's hope 2012 will be a fabulous year! Anyway... having the flu when pregnant is not good at all. Despite  given flu medicine, the doctor actually said if I can tahan,,... best not to take any medicine. I took the flu pill on the first night .... and i think beanie concussed immediately becoz the usually "active @ night" baby actually had no movement for a good 12hrs... which got me rather worried. So... i decided to not to take any medication for the next few days no matter how horrible I felt. So... after 4 days... I am still nursing my flu! sigh.... Still... i believe 2012 will be fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!

Restless & mini mid-term panic

Christmas is over. Am now waiting for arrival of the New Year, so i can get my life back. Since finding out I am pregnant, I feel that things haven't been quite the same, mainly due to the lull work period, and of course the frequent fatigue Beanie's causing me. All these have somewhat made me a sloth..doing close to nothing most of the time. Worst is, I am halfway through my pregnancy, and unlike many mummies, I have done nothing to prepare for Beanie's arrival. Not sure if I am a cool mum (pun intended) or just simply nonchalant...taking a "come what may" attitude! Work wise, I feel something unpleasant is brewing. Morale in the office have been all time low, and it is really not hleping when i feel i could do so much more but not given the opportunity to do so. Fallen from grace once again? Maybe. Hence, the quiet wish that the New Year will bring spirits back on track. Anyway, since I am on leave till the New Year, I took a teeny weeny step by making a list

Random daily thots - 271211

OMG... It's only 10am and I am already trying hard to keep myself awake @ work! Darn insomnia! Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

Random Daily Thots 191211

All I want for Christmas is a short tip outta town... Praying really hard for it although chances of it happening seems pretty slim. [Dear Husband...hope you get the hint.] Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

Random Daily Thots - 141211

It amazes me how many people snatch seats from preggy moms and pretends to not look @ anyone at all until it is their stop. I ran into 3 today. They were literally rushing for that seat with me. I lost all 3 times. Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld