Daily brew

Yup.. That's my daily brew. :) Powdery, bitter, comes with a very strong herbal smell...and equally hard to swallow. That's my daily beverage prescribed by my tcm doc. Happy drinking....:) Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

simple pleasures

Spending some quiet time away from home... :) Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

an interesting journey?

Thanks to Bear, we managed to snag a couple of complimentary tics to " Voyage de la Vie " .  Always had the intention to watch it, but since it is the resident theatrical show @ RWS, I thought... what's the hurry. Well...since I have never watched any other mega scale circus such as Cirque du Soleil, neither did I take the trouble to read any reviews on the show... hence, I pretty much did not have any expectations. It was already a bonus that Hwa was willing to go for the show with me on a "schoolnight". :) We were sitting at the front few rows... and when the show started... we were pleasantly surprised by how the the cast "mingled" with the audience when they made their entrance, although I secretly wished they will leave me alone. Voyage de la Vie, in french means " Journey of Life", where it depicts the story of Boy (Jonathan Leong) and his experience while growing up. I loved the set and the pyrotechnics. I loved the gymnastics perfo

wee thots on a sunday...

It's been 5 months since i moved to my new job, and am occasionally finding it hard to describe to people what I feel about this change. Things seem familiar yet different. I cannot quite put my finger on what' s missing ..... and maybe it is really too early to conclude something is amiss. This is not to say i don't like my job or anything negative. Personally.... i just feel i need to find that one thing that keeps me going in my career... the way I have always been with my previous ones. Maybe... and just maybe... I have not quite let go of the past.... and sometimes i wonder... have i stepped back... or  moved forward. Ah well.... let's re-evaluate in another 5 months time. Time to hit the sack... good nite world.. and thanks for enduring my "thinking out loud" moments like this!  


I don't know if such a word even exist. Anyway... my journey of starting a family, with the situation I am faced with is seemingly getting a bit over the top for me. I  twitch at every  pain and discomfort, hoping it means something to only face disappointment every single time. Sometimes, I admit I seem to be creating my own signs.. It's probably all psychological. I have tried to blog less about my TTC journey so as not to bore people following my blog, but when there is no one to talk abt this... Or should I say no one who has had  similar experiences tfor me  share this in detail with .... It's tough. Really tough.  But... I do take comfort in knowing that I am not alone, In fact I am part of a statistic. Whenever the little twitches get to me, I will start googling to see if it is a sign of pregnancy... or just my mind playing tricks on me! There are many  women out there who have been through worst than I have... so... i am really learning to let go... give myself mo

Vanilla Bar & Cafe

Discovered this lovely little restaurant hidden along Boon Tat Street, a quiet find amidst daily CBD crowd. True to it's name, you will notice there is a subtle vanilla scent as you enter the restaurant. It even has a small outdoor sitting area for about 5 to 10 people, which looks like a totally different place with it's lush greenery. Food served is a fusion of local and japanese, which I find quite refreshing. I ordered the Mini Burger sampler , which is two mini burgers , one with pulled pork, and the other with pork katsu. Love the slight spiciness of the pulled pork... and would definitely go for the "full" pulled pork burger the next time. My colleagues ordered the beef japanese curry rice, grilled cod fish with baked potatoes and sausages with rosti.... they all tasted yummy! I cannot seem to find anything really wrong with them... Oh! and i forgot to mention their bacon wrapped enoki is juicy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. I can down 5 of them

Pizzeria Mozza @ Shoppes at Marina Bay

A long overdue meet-up with some ex colleagues brought us to Marina Bay Sands... which was really my first trip there since it opened its doors last year. Daph read in 8 Days that Pizzeria Mozza got a 5.5 / 6 rating.. which is apparently (according to her) quite rare. I actually don't really read 8 Days... so don't really know what the ratings mean... so i just went with the crowd and the recommendation. Well, i would say, it sure did not disappoint. Mozza has quite a history, and is actually the same the way it is in California. There is actually two parts to Mozza, the more upscale Osteria Mozza that serves culinary creations from the chef's  travels. Pizzeria Mozza on the other hand is more casual that serves up wholesome italian pizzas. I didn't manage to take many pictures, coz i was famished.. and was licking my fingers, savouring every bit of the food Some of the dishes i can remember that's got me wanting more are: - Fried Potatoes with Rosemary leave