I have always wanted to blog about how i've got lots of techie stuff lying around in my house , and it's truly a wonder why hubz is not an engineer of some sort. Well... just doing a mental scan of my house now, I have got 2 e-books (nook and kindle), 4 portable hard-drives,  4  digital cameras,, 4 wireless mouse.... ermm... 1 ds lite, 1 psp, x-box kinect... and these only makes up the tip of the iceberg. Hubz' love of all things techie is beyond my comprehension, just like how he cannot understand why I am constantly browsing, and how my eyes light up at the sight of Gucci, Agnes B, Coach, Kate Spade and the list goes on. I guess I stand to be the major beneficiary of his interest, thus should not be complaining... however, I often get pangs of guilt for not being able to fully appreciate the beauty of these toys. Other than the iPad, and now my MacBook Pro... all other gadgets he got for me have been banished to the cold palace... like my DS Lite and possib

merry christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I know i have been pretty quiet both on FB and here for the past few weeks...been trying to make some changes, and adjusting to them. When i made the decision to move from Aviva to my current job, i have in some way made my christmas wish(es). I want to change the way i live my life .... i want to be able to spend more time @ home, doing the things i love. So far, the past few weeks seem quite promising , so let's see how i go from here. Other than changing jobs, we've got a new member in the family. Mum has let go of Vespa's passing, and opened her heart to accepting a new dog. We adopted and welcomed Mickey , the mini maltese to our home. I've also made baby steps to re-visit my plans for UrbanNook. I have put my maiden business in cold storage for about 9 months now. It is about time squeeze some time out of my daily schedule to fulfill my dreams. SO.. here's doing a little advertisement... there will be new stock coming in in Ja


I can see my collar bone no more! This is not good news! Bring on the soups and salads!!! Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

Hong Kong – Dec 2010

Only 3 days outta here… but thoroughly enjoyed the trip with Vic. Out first trip out together…and did some serious walking…(ermm…. no… i should say SHOPPING!). While only 3 days… one of the best thing i enjoyed was Agnes B. The peops there simply love the brand, and if you take a trip down to IFC… you will see a corner of level 2 (i think) turned into an Agnes B concept store… everything you want to find relating to the brand is there. That includes a cafe, a chocolatier and even a restaurant. Yummy! Let’s do this again soon! Korea next?  

meen is sad

( this post is actually 5 days late as I can’t seem to connect to the internet when i wrote this)--- so back date this is 1 Dec 2010. I seriously did not think leaving would be so hard.  Someone once told me, the best time to leave a job is when u are doing well. True… but it is also the hardest time to leave. When I saw the tears from my colleagues eyes… no matter how much i tried… i cried too! It’s barely 24 hrs since i left… and when Wellie told me someone is already sitting my desk…. i was like..”HOW RUDE”!! Haha! Just a sudden surge of emotions… :) Anyway… i shud really get to bed… have to be up 4 hrs time.

goodbye yellow...

“Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.”  ~Lazurus Long I have made the decision more than a month back to leave my present job for another. This is probably one of the hardest decision I have made in my career so far. I love my job…I love the opportunities given to me, the trust people in the office have in me. I love the people….and the chemistry the team has. Then everyone starts asking… if i like whatever that’s going on…why do i then want to leave? My answer? Hope . Hope that with the change, I will start having the time to do the things I have always wanted. Hope that the new environment will help me attain the things I dream of...and Hope that I can slow my pace down… and start enjoying the world around me. I know this sounds quite ridiculous to some… and many have the other view that jumping into some place new … also brings about an equal and even greater stress than staying in a place of familiarity. Like what I have said to people around me

belated birthday brunch @ Hai Tien Lo

“Happy 31st Buffday to my dearest Hubz… time to grow up yah? Can you please please please don’t spend so much time on your games and crazybid?” Have heard about the superb Hai Tien Lo’s dim sum, with it’s equally superb price tag…. hence always had two minds about dining there given Hwa is never really someone who likes to indulge (stingy poker! hahahah!)., yet loves to eat! Oh well… so without thinking too much, i made the reservation… and we made our way there on this lovely public holiday morning. On storey 37 of Pan Pacific Singapore, this popular restaurant serves an a la carte brunch buffet of over 50 dishes (i think) every weekend and public holiday. Let’s have a look at some of the yummies we tried…. Mini Buddha Jumps over the wall – Never tried this before from any other restaurants, hence this is my first…and not sure if it is good or otherwise. But, at first taste tells me it is well flavoured, hinting the richness of the ingredients used during preparation. Loved t