random thots on a sunday night

i dun want to go to work tomorrow. In fact…. i am dreading it. i wish i can have more time to work on UrbanNook. There’s so much i can do … but time is not a luxury now. i am yearning for a beach getaway. i want to do absolutely nothing for a month. i am getting extremely pressured…. to do two person’s job. i dun know how long i can hold out. i hope stress does not get the better of me. i need to stay focused but i can’t seem to. project b is getting no where, which adds to the list of things i am most worried about. i want to go to bed now, but i am afraid that when i open my eyes…. it’s time to go to work. i am tired. Good night.

UrbanNook is OPEN!

Finally…after months of hard work trying to set up our online shop, it’s finally up and running. Well…not quite the perfect set-up yet… but i promise it will just get better with time! Other than my signature handcrafted jewellery…there are other chic and trendy items which we purchased from overseas. Help us spread the word yah?!


The downpour this morning did not do any justice to everybody’s moods. Well… at least I speak from my heart, and from what I see around me. I woke up with the determination to smile, be happy, and that life will still go on despite the storm.  Doesn’t quite help. Doesn’t quite change anything…. When I look around … things are REALLY  not the same anymore. No smiles… no bustling activity… no chatter….no warmth. Tears starting welling up once again…. I thought I was done with the tears last night. Apparently not. Everytime someone walks past and ask me if I am alright… i become expressionless and speechless.  In all honesty….what do you expect me to say? Or how do you expect me to react? The impact is so great that my emotions got the better of me this time round, and I thought it wouldn’t. All I want to do now is crawl under the blanket… hug my bolster and not think anymore. I don’t know why it hurts so much. Please tell me. …. perhaps it is a sign…..

i had to accept…

Dad had a nasty fall from a 2 m high ladder last weekend. Old and less nimble… means his reflexes were also slower. This resulted in a fractured limb , arm and near amputated finger. As much as I always tell myself that my parents are strong… and it will be a long time before we need to start thinking about eldercare etc… this freak accident was a wake up call for me. I had to accept that dad and mum are no longer able to fully care for themselves. They have in recent years become more dependent than i can remember. Dad has to be wheelchair bound for at least 6 weeks. Everything happened so suddenly that we had to scramble to decide what’s the best care for him. We did consider putting him into a community hospital, till he is able to come home. While i used to shake my head at other people’s decision to do so in the past… i realised it is often inevitable. Mum’s too weak and frail to fully look after him, and bro and I need to work. Well… of coz I did not make that decision just y

happy mummy’s day…

Mum is someone who has been someone who has a great influence in my life. While i wud not say we have the best mother daughter relationship in this world… i have always had a lot of respect for her…. for who she is, and the values she holds. She made me the independent person I am today… and sometimes aloof you may say. But… every little step I take when I was growing up… i always stopped to think about what my mother would say… if she approved of what i did…. and will I make her upset etc. Nowadays… as she starts to age…. her emotions often gets the better of her… she worries that we will one day move on in our lives and forget all about her. She gets sad just staying @ home all alone. What I want to say to her is…. even though she will probably never get to read my blog is…. Mum… I love you heaps. You made me the person I am that I sometimes dun know how to show my love for you. It gets me down when you feel down. We will always be here for you every step of the way like you ha

quick bangkok update

Yup! I was in bangkok….. and am back! It was a good trip. Given that i was pretty worried about all the news on protests and demostrations that were meant to happen over the weekend… it was rather peaceful, and I had quite a good time. Shopped till my legs almost broke… but it was still zee best! Time away from office is always good. What made my trip even better was that the hotel which I picked was fantastic and they even had us upgraded to a suite… PeRfecT! Well…. read on the web of this new hotel, Vie Hotel by mgallery…which really part of the Mercure group. It’s located along Phaya Thai road, next to the Ratchethewi BTS station (opp. Asia Hotel). It has only 150 rooms… which makes it less crowded than many of the 5 star hotels. Which also means service was tip top. View Full Album

my run

I ran 5km on wednesday! It's like wow lor.... at least for a person like me who detest running since school days. Although I was in the netball school team, I always tried to find excuses not to do the training drills of running 2.4Km.... So... leaving school was the best thing that ever happened ... coz i never needed to do another 2.4km run ever. Picked up running only recently, and the only motivation is weight loss. Yup.... not for fitness or whatsoever... but weight loss. Whatever the motivation... i think having people to run with you makes it even easier. Anyway... just surprised that at 1 year to my big 3, I could quite easily finish 5km. :) Something i never did when I was younger... so... ecstatic over my achievement! More runs to come!