Ever had incidents in your life you wished you knew what exactly happened? When something ended , or someone ceased to be part of you life, did you ever wonder why it happened in the first place? Or did anything happen at all? I guess I had plenty... be it friendships (a lot of broken ones)... relationships or even little events in life that makes me sometimes reflect and wonder if things could have been managed better. Would there have been a lesson waiting for me to learn.... but then you wonder again.... would someone then tell me what went wrong? I saw the first guy I seriously dated on Sunday.... Saw him on along busy orchard road... with his wife and little one. I caught his eye... and wanted to smile & greet him.... but he hurriedly looked forward... like he didn't see me at all. That was the closure I was looking for since the last time i saw him (which i dun even recall when). When the relationship ended.... I din even know how it happened. In fact... I don't

A weekend of revving, racing and cute guys... ;)

Yes, it was the F1 weekend. I finally found the time to update on this "historic" weekend, where I was a part of. Have lots to comment on... but just too lazy to gather my thoughts....let the pictures do the talking for now.

I hate myself

I hate myself for being Nice. I hate myself for being accomodating. There is just friggin lots of things to do that puts my mind in a swirl! I cannot focus and i hate myself for it! I hate what's happening to me!

Aviva Ironman 70.3

Today... we went out... once again to paint ECP yellow... like we always do when there's an Aviva Event. The company's big on branding... and yellow being our corporate colour... we were out there..... putting as much yellow as we can! For the second year running, we sponsored the Ironman 70.3 in Singapore. About 1400 participants took part this time round.... that made everyone's adrenaline pumping the entire day. I guess everyone had their reasons for being there..... for the participants... some would want to win... some would want to beat their own personal best... for others.. it was just to challenge themselves to finish the race.... overcoming any adversities there are in the way. Then, for non-athletes like me.... it got me inspired to wanna stay healthy and start execising more often. Anyway... to all participants.... it was a job well done.... having to complete 2km of swimming in the open water, 90km biking and 21km running.... that's no easy feat. Kudos m

F8! Another Grand Prix Moment! ;P

Yes. Hello Kitty and friends have come to this little sunny island for a car race. Corny?! Ermm... I went to take a look anyway. I'm no big Hello Kitty fan... but thought why not just have a look @ what's going on since I stay a near the Chinese Garden anyway. Hello Kitty lovers.... go to for more info yah?! The lanterns were really quite pretty.... though I honestly feel... it isjust something to get parents to bring their kids to. Well... what ever it is... it was nice going to the garden for an evening stroll with Hwa.

It's been a long long week...

...I'm glad it is over. The week started off with me scurrying around, trying to finish up whatever work I have, so I can start on new tasks. Well... from time to time, i will have this 3 months schedule where I pack it so tightly that I will find myself gasping for air. Yes. I like to do many things in a short period . Coz, I always make it a point to acheive some big things by the time it's appraisal season. But.... as my portfolio grows with requirement from HQ in UK.... i find myself more than just gasping for air. Sinking a little i guess. They say they will get me someone to share my load... but no signs of that new pair of hands yet. Crap. Anyway..... i din start any new tasks this week. In fact by mid week... I was already slacking. Oh well! Come mid week, one of my dear friend, B, broke some sad news to me. Something happened to her, which broke my heart. And when she told me about it.... I was just too shocked for words. I hated myself for telling her " Frankly

All the hype about babies...

After the national day rally.... suddenly the talk in town is about having babies... giving mothers 4 instead of 3 months maternity... giving 6 days childcare leave.... govt co-sharing the cost of IVF... and the list goes on. However, in this day and age... where independence, ability to provide for ourselves, buying ourselves the pradas and LVs of the world has made us work harder in the corporate world than our mothers have. This also means, women hold some important positions in almost every company. With the govt coming up with such fanastic ideas to offset the cost of having kids.... it could also mean decreasing the chances of us getting the career we want, unless companies are open enough to accomodate the lifestyles of the supermothers we wish we could be. I have had my fair share of job interviews. And 90% of the time, the question of whether I am intending to start a family soon comes up. Can I say it is discrimination? Maybe not. But it makes me think twice whenever I wan