I was given the "All Clear"

The doctor told me today.... that I am all clear. The fear and worry I has the past three weeks can finally be put to rest. Well.... 3 weeks back, I was asked to go for a medical examination when i bought more life insurance policies. Reason was, I have family history of a common female cancer. That medical examination made me a huge suspect of the female cancer my mum had. But the doctor cud not be 100% sure. So, she told me to return in 2 to 3 weeks time for another examination. Well.... guess now... given the all clear.... the rest is history. But... this sure makes me more aware and careful in trying to prevent the illness.

Time flies...

Sigh.... What a way to start my entry yah?! Well.... the weekend just flew by like that.... and so not loooking forward to the week aheadlor. Have not rested enuff... and I am on standay everyday this coming week for a few concurrent projects.... and i think it is going to a real hell! Hiah! Be prepared to work really late man! I usually won't mind working late... but then... Hwa is on his block leave from tmr. I can't take leave to keep him company.... but the least I cud do is to get off work on time to spend evenings with him. But... but... looks like I can;t now. It is really not helping when I have to fly to macau over his bday week for work. :( HIAH..... Anyway.... time really flies. Attended a prayer session this morning for Grandma's 1st death anniversary. It seems like not long back that I attended her funeral. I recalled when she passed away.... the whole family was still not aware of it, coz i was calling everyone to tell them I was going to deliver weddi

I miss my Husband!

Urghh..... hate to be saying this... but... YES... i miss Hwa! Weekend's are so boring without him. Anyway.... finally got him his birthday prezzie. Was thinking of putting him tru a treasure hunt for his prezzie on his b'day... since it happens to be during my work trip to Macau. Wanted to keeo him busy during my absence.... But then, decided against it. Will give it to him tmr instead. Can't wait! Here's what I got for him..... guess what's in there? I think this is first time I am buying such a branded and expensive gift for Hwa (other than his PSP lah). Think he deserves a little treat from me... for being so patient with me at times... and also standing by me whatever the situation is. Hope he will like it!

What a friday...

The day did not start off too well... SHE played me out... once again. Left me to attend a meeting on my own, when SHE was supposed to chair it. I feel like a little girl, yearning for just that little bit of attention. Never felt so needy before. Why does SHE have to keep disappointing the girls.... when we gave her chance after chance to redeem herself. Anyway... went to Superfamous @ Chulia Street for lunch. Nice place just to nua, and sip a cuppa. Their illy latte is superb. Food wise... well... nothing to rave about. Service, slow... esp when there are too many people. That's probably the only highlight of my day. Coz the moment i stepped into the office after lunch, there SHE was.... talking at the top of her voice non-stop. When will there be peace? Then.... started to look forward to going gym with B2.... and gossiping in the steam room....only to have her cancel on me...AGAIN! B2... i know u will be reading this.... anyway... ***BLEAH*** ... this is for you! hahaha! W

The GhostBusters!

Hwa is going away to Sebana Cove tomorrow for some team building thingee, and this time, he will be leading a team! Haha! Such a NUA person like him..... lead a team.... really cannot imagine! Well.... his team is " The Ghostbusters".... and these are his mascots! ...... Self-made Ghost Busters' BackPack! I helped!

I am not your dog...... dun treat me like one.

I am human too, just like you. Just because u are my boss, does not give u the liberty to do make me do your job for you. It does not make it right for you to call me early in morning, make me rush from one point to another, just to wait for 2 hours, take your documents from you, rush back to office, just to change one slide, and AGAIN rush back to your meeting. Then WAIT for close to another hour. The change was unnoticable.... and so not worth the money spent on taxi and my time lor! What am I? your PA? No way! Pay me more lah! Crap!


Do you guys believe in luck? What exactly is luck in the first place? I reckon everyone has their own definition of luck. Striking consolation prize in 4D may be luck to some. But to the hardcore followers of 4D, it may mean nothing at all. Picking up a 20 cent coin along the road may be luck to others, but to majority... what is 20 cents after all?! Luck may be being able to see a rainbow when the rain has stopped, but to some, what's a rainbow. Nothing. Maybe I have no expectations . Simple things like being asked to go to Macau for work is luck to me. I could have been the one to stay back in the office. This year's Cust. & Brand advocacy conference was supposed to be in either S'pore or Paris. And I will have to attend this conference every year... since it is my job to drive loyalty. Incidentally, the dates overlap those that I am supposed to be in Macau. And.... guess where they finally decide to have the conference? SINGAPORE! Now, that's luck! I wouldn