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Have u ever felt liked whatever you are doing, whether is it at work or at home, is never a priority to people around you. Or rather, you as person, are never priority to the same people. Well…I believe everyone wants to be seen, recognized, loved, heard…and the list goes on. Though sometimes we choose to be detached from our surroundings, feelings of emptiness will set in once in a while. Pessimism? Nah. Period. Maybe that’s what. Human beings tend to make themselves look like victims whenever they feel like they are not valued. I have felt this way before. Many times. Yes. And I got angry at everything and everyone. And, this often leads to decisions to make us feel better. And only after drastic decisions are made, people will stop and begin to realize you mean something. It’s all too late. I am starting to feel this way again. But, it’s all still good. Just wishing that people would soon pay a little more attention. Life goes on….

Back to Blog!

Hwa just commented that I haven't been updating my blog, for a good one month. I guess he is one of my biggest fans. But what i really cannot stand about him is when he comes home teasing me about the contents on my blog. On the other hand, i guess this is also where he finds out my feelings about things which I dun talk to him about. Oh well! I haven't been updating, not because there is nothing much to blog.... but just that there is too many things on my mind that I dun know how and where to start. Work has been peaceful as usual. Everything's still progressing pretty slowly. Though my scope is pretty much similar to that in S _ _ _ A, it is tougher in where I am now. This is mainly due to the nature of the business. But then that is probably where the challenge is. The other MAJOR challenge is also dealing with the fact that my bosses have little or maybe even no idea how to bring this scope to the next level. It's really hard.... trying to think ofthe different pr

The King & I... and my latest craze

The show was a blast. Enjoyed every bit of it, especially the costumes. The traditional Thai ones were so intricately made which brought out true Thai flavour of the show. ***Sings*** “ Getting to know you… getting to know all about u… getting to like you… getting to like what I see….Haven’t you noticed… lalalalal lala lala…. “ Hiah! I so wanna watch it again. If it ever comes to Singapore again. Dunno when that’ll be. The humour injected into the show, made every minute watching it even more delightful. Guess the only down side was…. Cheapo me… din wanna spend too much on the tickets. So took the $40 ones which had restricted view. So I was straining my neck and back just to see what’s going on. This is the first time I am watching a musical like this. This teaches me never to compromise just because I wanted to cheaper seat. Hee Hee! In any case, the show was GOOD! _______________________________________________________________ Was out with Bestie last Saturday. Went to LV, Gucci, Co

Beautiful Sunday

Will be watching " The King & I" later. Years ago, I told myself I must treat myself to at least one broadway musical every year. Which I did, and I have always gone with Addy. So this year should be no exception. However, decided to bring Hwa alongsince he has never gone for one before. And, guess Addy will be busy with her ROM and stuff. Hee. I think Hwa will like it. :)

And I thought I was done with it!

Road shows. Deployments. That’s what I am talking about. And I thought, after I said my good byes, I will not be involved again. I cannot be more wrong! Hiah…. It’s my life. What more can I say? Anyway… I am going talk about food… Oh Glorious Food! Went to Ethan’s for lunch on monday afternoon. It is a sausage place at the basement of Chevron’s House (former Caltex House). Their sausages are HUGE… and Juicy too! We tried 5 different kinds… the cheesy chicken, the normal pork one, the cheesy pork one, the spicy Italian one… and the Beer Bratwurst (did I get the spelling right?). I like the beer one. Not too salty, and the taste of beer gives the sausage a little bitterness. Makes you salivate and wanting ask for more. We ordered the rosti too. A little on the oily side. But what’s a little oil yah?! Good food is hard to come by. Enjoy while we can! Esp for a sausage lover like me. Hee! Ohh… guess what I found out? My replacement at S_ _ _A is an Assistant Manager. And apparently,


It is 10.31pm on a Sunday night. Am sitting here, not knowing what to feel of the next day ahead. The feeling of helplessness is slowing sinking in. I took the risk, so I have to push on. I was determined, and I must continue to be.