It's Monday

It's Monday.... Spent the first two hours in the office wondering what to do for the day. Not that i dun have anything to do. I have tonnes to do... to say the least. Just not on top form. Haven't been really on top of things. Or is it plain laziness. Well.... or simply bored of the same old thing. Anyway... had a breaktru from a partner who I have been pursuing for some time. Hope to clinch this partnership, and add to my portfolio....and hopefully make me more marketable. Hah! Hubby's playing his stoopid playstation now. Me.. sitting in front of the comp still wondering what I shud do. Brought some docs home to go tru .... but can't bring myself to look at them! Oh well... here's some pics for all of you.... It was Karen's 21st last it was a night of drinks and more drinks! We were the survivors.... everyone was "gone" including the birthday gal! ANyway... happie birthday little girl!

Another week

Another week has passed. I am not feeling any better. Not any more motivated from the week before. Stifled is the word to describe how i really feel. Had lunch with a Mr SF this afternoon. We were just chatting about people in the office, and how people are getting new roles....promotions and all. And being someone much more senior than me, it is good to hear that he feels that execs in our company are doing jobs of a manager if we were to compare to others outside. But then, who knows... and who cares. If i take my resume out... people will only see that I was an exec.... so what? The again, some people might argue that it is the $$ that matters... not position.... not status. Well.... i want it all. There must be a reason to work so hard all the time. But when there is nothing to look forward to... there is nothing worth working for rite? Other than my monthly paycheck. Sigh... anyway.... just need to get out of here. Wanted to go for a beach holiday for a long time.... but always ei

Home Alone....

Finally, alone at home... haven't had the luxury of having the peace and quiet of my home since i got married. Very often, Hwa will be around.... otherwise, on some weekends when I want to lei-pak and do nothing at all.... B brings friends home for a round of tile-shuffling. Yes... this is my house.... but what can i say or do... compromise and tolerance is often practiced under this roof.... as there is no such thing as "ownership" here. I can be a meanie.... but I have to spare a thought for the one who will be caught in between. Anyway... now that I am alone at home... just going to relax.... and enjoy before it turns dark...:) Guess this is also a good time for me to blog about my recent bout of "depression". Changes are taking place in the office quite rapidly... from brand new opportunities ... to new allies... and also evolving personalities. However, none of this has made me any happier or more satisfied at work. I would not dare say I have lots of e

Photo Shoot

Finally, one more item struck off the list. Our day started at 8.30am. Met up with Hwa 1/2 an hour earlier for breakie. Read on the forums that these photographers will not break for lunch till the indoor shots are all completed. So, we decided to have a heavy breakfast. Bad timing for me tho, as it was that time of the month. And, when it happens, I will get diarrhoea, cramps and gastric all at the same time. So not matter what I do to relieve one, the other will act up. :( "It's going to be a long day", I thought to myself. 9am - We proceeded to Bridal Concept after a yummy McDonald's breakfast to wait for our make up artist to pick us up. She was a little late. Nevertheless, both of us were full of anticipation for the day, esp. me I guess. Every girl loves to doll up esp when it is going to be professionally done. :) Anyway, in 45 min...WALA! I was transformed! Pimples were invisible, dark rings were non-existent, eyes looked bigger and brighter.... Lovely!

Photo shoot - 1 more month...

17 June 2006, exactly 1 more month to go before our wedding photo shoot. Oh man! That means I have 30 days to lose that X kg to be at my ideal weight. What more I have FAT limbs! So exasparating! I must... I MUST look good for the photo shoot. How?!! Good thing prince charming is not around for the next two weeks to tempt me! Actually come to think of it, he has to be partly responsible for me being so fat & flabby today! Alright...weight loss SHALL be my resolution for this month (cross my fingers that I will stick to it!) Anyway, it is just a photo shoot, but yet there is so many things to prepare. Got to: Get shoes for me as well as for Hwa, Get a set of matching outfit for one of the photoshoot sections. = Crack brains= What shall we wear? Kakis? jeans? Boring! Soccer Jerseys? Too cheesy! Urgh.... I know lah... how about our old StarHub CS uniform?!!!!?? Hiak Hiak! Perfect right? Since that was what we wore when we first met! But...... it is so unglam! I just got to think


We are getting married! YES! We are! 3 years. That is how long (or rather how soon) it took for us to decide to take a step further. Spending the rest of our lives together, through better or worst, in sickness or health... was really not a difficult decision. Somehow along the way, early into this relationship, we knew where we would end up - MARRIED! Having been through two relationships (for both of us), we knew exactly what we are looking for. So... wala! The end product: Mr & Mrs Lim Chun Hwa... :) Sounds too good to be true? Yeah.... I sometimes feel so too. But, it was definitely not love at first sight! Anyway... I am hoping with this journal, we can share our joy and our story with all of you (for those who are interested lah! Hee!). This is no fairy tale... but it will become a chapter in our lives to remember! I am enjoying every minute.... and every second of it! Woo Hoo!