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How we said goodbye to the pacifier

J turned two in May, and the one thing that bothered us was his binky "addiction". He has had his "tutu" since he was less than a month old so we could get some sleep and that soon become his only security item. Whenever he was unsure of himself, and when he's scared, he will reach out for the pacificer. He needed it everywhere he went, every single day and every minute of the day!

Sleeping alone - Part of the weaning series

Before  kids, I dreamt of decorating the nursery with cute little animals, lots of stuffed toys , dreamy looking cot sheets and a fun play corner. Only problem was, there's no room to convert into a nursery. And, that is one of the reasons why I had the motivation to move out of our matrimonial home. Yes, I am superficial that way and I love all things pretty. But, the main reason for wanting a separate room for the boy was because I've always wanted him to be independent from as young as possible. Sure, I enjoy co-sleeping. And to be honest, I missed him when we took the decision to move him to his own room a few weeks back. I still do. While he sleeps in his own cot in our room and only finds his way onto our bed in the middle of the night, I get the jitters just knowing that he is not at a "turn-of-the-body" away. Here's what we did to prepare the  boy (and ourselves ) for the move: 1) We got ourselves a video baby monitor. We wanted t

Who wins in weaning?

Burger boy turned 6 months old last week and so begins his journey with solids. Well... to be more precise, I started to let him try solids when he was slightly over 5 months just because he always looked so excited and interested when he watches us at mealtimes. So at a week before he turned 6 months, he is already able to have 1 full meal of rice cereal. He sure has a passion for eating. To date....the only thing he does not like is papayas.. but then, we only tried that on him once. Then, when we started to mix his food,  our royal fussiness and his antics started to show. While he loves food (or so i choose to think), he is really picky in the way we feed him. Here's what happened in week one... 1) Mummy prepares rice cereal and mix in a veg puree 2) Burger Boy takes his first couple of spoons and suddenly lets out a wail. Yes... he wails! 3) Mummy tries to calm him down to no avail. Stuffs a bottle of water in his mouth.... Burger Boy stops wailing (only momentaril