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Spurbox: Home-learning resource for busy parents

Helping my child to learn at home with Spurbox's P-skool Subscription box.  PS. This is not a sponsored post!  This Spurbox came in the mail!  At 3 years old, J's childcare teachers have been telling us that he seems more advanced than his peers. J often finds activities in school either boring or somewhat lacking challenge. 

Zoomoo - For the love of animals ( with giveaway )

"It's All Animals - All The Time!" There are a few things on the kid's radar these days. They are anything related to police and firemen or the zoo. There's one thing on mummy's radar though. That is to start supplementing the kid with stuff learnt in school. I have always meant to look for some enrichment for him, but I cannot bear to burn our weekends, at the same time, I am always very tired from work. What I do at home with him is very limited.  Image courtesy of ZooMoo Asia