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4 reasons to have a staycation at Pan Pacific Singapore

Orchard may be the shopping belt of sunny Singapore, but if I get to choose a staycation in town, I will steer towards choosing the City Hall or Suntec area because of the family fun options at there. We did just that in February for a quick weekend recharge, and after going through prices and monitoring them over a couple of weeks, I picked Pan Pacific at the Marina Bay area, and after just one night there, I am convinced Pan Pacific could be nicely placed for a family staycation, just to spend quality time with one another.

Family staycation at Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa

We were due for our annual November trip out to Krabi. A trip much looked forward trip by the boy because of the fun stuff at the hotel that we booked. However, as you would already know, his sudden illness means we rather stay grounded for the time being to keep him from any potential infection. But, we wanted to ensure we keep J's spirits up and not make it seem like his illness is keeping him from any of our "normal" activities. Hence, we opted for a staycation at Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa mainly because it has all the facilities that the Krabi resort has. A superb view from our sea-view balcony room at Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa

A minimalist 2015

When we made the decision to embark on the inevitable IVF journey in 2015 , we knew at the back of our minds that we needed to make some changes to how we lived our lives. Honestly, I don't know if I am physically prepared for the journey.  Always stressing over work, and harbouring the mummy's guilt , plus the many other things on my to do list, it does seem l impossible for my already weak physique to go through the quest. Something needs to give so that stress of any form does not consume us. 

Staycation: Wanderlust Hotel

We used to travel out of town for our birthdays since we got married. These days, with the man's crazy schedules, my never ending pile of work to do, plus the addition of a little rascal, it isn't always easy to plan something ahead of time. That said, we will still try to spend some quality time together, and it seems like staycations are the answer to having some time to rest and relax. Earlier this year, I had a birthday staycation with the 2 men in my life. Hence, for the husband, I planned a one night getaway at Wanderlust Hotel, with the intention of exploring Little India in the evening (which did not happen by the way because the little rascal wanted to sleep). Wanderlust Hotel is part of the Unlisted Collection Group, the good people behind popular boutique hotels 1929 and The Majestic. I  am a sucker for boutique type hotels which often comes with impecceable service and a unique experience. This one did not disappoint.  Minutes after confirming my book

Staycation at Amara Sanctuary Resort, Sentosa

Before we had J, we always try to do something special on our birthdays, which usually ends up to be a short trip to some nearby destination. This year, we thought we should start exploring staycations. Relatively fuss free and we can spend quality time as a family of 3 exploring Singapore from the eyes of our 2 year old.

Anniversary Staycation @ Siloso Beach Resort

30th December 2011 saw us celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. Time certainly zooms pass us, and this anniversary will be the last where we celebrate as "just us". Next year this time, Beanie will join in the celebration... as the labour of our love  :) Dying to go overseas, I booked ourselves into Siloso Beach Resort @ Sentosa. (Well... going across that bridge is still considered overseas right? ) I  will do a short review of the resort in a while, but just let me recount the day's happenings first. Celebrations started on 29th December.  We got up bright & early, and headed to the sonographer's for my week 20 fetal anomaly scan. I was a little nervous as I have not seen Beanie for over a month, so am not sure if everything's alright. My worries were unfounded, and this early morning visit brought us the best anniversary present we could ask for.... that was the gender of Beanie. We are expecting a Dragon Boy! Yay! This wonderful news....coupled wi