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3 months into Primary 2

When mums come together, there's usually a few key topics we talk about and most times, it will be about the kids. So, majority of the kids in a mums group that I hang out with have all started formal school. Inevitably, we share things like how much homework our kids get, how the teachers are helping the kids to settle down in school, especially those in Primary 1; how the kiddos are adapting and all those stuff. Mummies who have school going kids will agree all these sound oh too familiar.

Raising awareness for Child Literacy

source My mother has always emphasized the importance of education since we were kids. We were not very well to do. So, mum always tells us that the only way for us to have a better a life is to ensure we are well-educated. While her constant nagging for us to study hard was bothersome then, I cannot be more thankful for it now.

My thoughts on the Glenn Doman Learning Method

When I was invited to attend a baby learning seminar about the Glenn Doman Learning Method , I wasn't prepared to feel what I did after that. There were fleeting thoughts in that 3 hours for me to leave my job to be at home with J. I also had my heart swell with pride despite not having been the most conscientious mum in helping my son to learn. Yet the time he spent in school has helped him reach all his developmental and learning milestones.  

My Thoughts on Primary One Registration.

Well... there is still a few years before I need to worry about getting J into a primary school. The unfortunate thing is my affiliation is with a ( popular) all girls school and the man doesn't have any. Initially, when I knew I had a boy, it did cross my mind that I must be diligent in doing all these parent volunteering and what nots due to our lack of so-called advantage.   However, with the recent discussions around the P1 registrations, I begin wonder what I would do when it's our turn.