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Is one enough? Why I still want to try.

There's been a lot of good news coming from other mummies of late. Happy that there's going to be more kiddies as I feel that children are a blessing. However, it is inevitable at times like this to think about my own little family. To expand or not? To continue trying or not? I am not bitter (ok ok... yes... I confess, I do feel upset at times, enough to make me depressed) .  More like disappointed really. The heart is getting weak and knows not how much longer it can last before it gives up hope. When well-meaning people tell you it should get easier when you have had your first. Take it with a pinch of salt I say. There's always gonna be exceptions.  After the ectopic incident, it seemed like the so-iui treatments don't work (well) anymore. We know that we need to think about what's next and IVF  seems like the an unavoidable option. So the next question is whether or not we can be contented with just one.  I always knew I wanted at least 2 in

Sleeping alone - Part of the weaning series

Before  kids, I dreamt of decorating the nursery with cute little animals, lots of stuffed toys , dreamy looking cot sheets and a fun play corner. Only problem was, there's no room to convert into a nursery. And, that is one of the reasons why I had the motivation to move out of our matrimonial home. Yes, I am superficial that way and I love all things pretty. But, the main reason for wanting a separate room for the boy was because I've always wanted him to be independent from as young as possible. Sure, I enjoy co-sleeping. And to be honest, I missed him when we took the decision to move him to his own room a few weeks back. I still do. While he sleeps in his own cot in our room and only finds his way onto our bed in the middle of the night, I get the jitters just knowing that he is not at a "turn-of-the-body" away. Here's what we did to prepare the  boy (and ourselves ) for the move: 1) We got ourselves a video baby monitor. We wanted t

We all survived

Looks like all three of us survived my 5 days away from the boys.  It really ain't that difficult I suppose, although both the big boy and the little man fell sick right after I stepped out of the country.  I think it was really sweet that the Hubs and my mum decided to keep the fact that the boy had a HFMD scare so I can focus at work. I sure needed it. Other than a major presentation I had to prepare for, I wasn't quite prepared for how difficult the meeting was going to be. Let's just say I needed more than a little culture adjustment.  Ah... but all's well ends well, and I am full up with all the yummy food I have been fed with. So diet here I come for the rest of the week before CNY hits us.  I am not sure if I can do this work travel anytime soon, and I wonder how do these frequent flyers manage. I was exhuasted by the time I landed in Singapore. I could do with a full day's of sleep, only that my mothering duties had to take precedence. 

A walk in the park

After being stuck in the house for most of Saturday because Mummy was sick, J couldn't be happier to be out exploring the neighborhood. We took an evening walk last Saturday to Little Guilin, and it is definitely a gem of the west, often forgotten by many. The little sister of Guilin in China at the backyard of our new home "Yay! I can finally get some fresh air after hearing mummy cough non-stop the whole day!" "Huh?!" "Let me go Papee.... I want to run and be free!"  Here comes the Giant!  "Ok! Time to take a stroll back home !"  Linking up with:

What's in my diaper bag...

Many friends and family members who have helped me carry my diaper bag before often say the same thing to me..."WAH! Why so heavy?!" I do admit my diaper bag is huge, and it is definitely not on the light side. Blame it on my kiasu-ness... rather than end up not having what I need when I need... it's best to just bring everything! Well... here's a peek into what's in my diaper bag, and I let you be the judge if I am bringing too much! My trusty MamaRoo Diaper bag. No zips to allow for easy access to things while on the go. I changed many bags before settling for MamaRoo. The size is just right for what I need to bring, and it does look quite chic to carry around! Well... to be honest, I feel I am running out of space... so perhaps that gives me excuse to look for a new bag.. (again?!... I hear the man exclaim.) of the essentials.  Diapers One thing I will never leave home without would be Burger boy's diapers, even if I am only g

Goodbye Belly, Hello Baby - Part 2

Wanted to have "final" thoughts recorded before I disappear from this blog for some time.... yes i do foresee I may not have the time to blog when Beanie comes. 1) It was my last day @ work today. Quite a relieve actually. While I had initially wanted to work till the day Beanie arrives, the past few days was rather challenging.  The weight bearing down on my pelvis, the constant need to relieve myself, the daily bouts of diarrhea and the punishing weather makes me wanna just stay home and await the arrival of my precious little hwa. 2) I don't quite care that I am wasting at least a week of my maternity leave. I just need all the sleep and rest I deserve before I attempt to be a mother, a wife and a daugther. Let's talk about being a marketer in August. 3) To everyone who thinks I am such a cool mum even before the baby is here... "Thanks!". I have absolutely no idea why I am not nervous. Yes, this is my first pregnancy... and maybe because it is, and I

Bad Hair Day

What differentiates a bad hairdresser vs. a good one is whether or not they can give the hardest to manage hair a good cut that grows out nicely. I have one of the hardest to manage hair with waves that has a mind of their own. For over 10 years, I always flet rebonding was the best invention ever, which i won't need a good hairdresser. Now with my pregnancy... i finally see my natural hair once again. VIsited this guy Desmond @ Jurong Point Jantzen..... been 3 days and so far , my lion's mane still looks easy to manage (not without the blowdryer though). Feel comfortable with he does not attempt to small talk too much. Let's hope he stays on... so I can get him to handle my hair after Beanie comes out.

Random daily thots - 271211

OMG... It's only 10am and I am already trying hard to keep myself awake @ work! Darn insomnia! Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

Random daily thots 291111

Darn! I forgot to ask Dr F for a copy printout of my scan today!!! Beanie's doing well....a week ahead of its time... meaning my EDD is pushed forward a week earlier. There goes my hope for Beanie to have the same birthday as me. Oh well! Oh...and for those waiting for Beanie's gender... wait patiently for another month ok?!    

Did you say Prawn noodles for Dinner?

After being married for almost 5 years, i have stopped hoping that Hwa will take me out to some posh restuarant for romantic dinners on special occasions. On his birthday ytd... i offered to take him out for a good dinner. At least at some decent restuarant. And, he asked to have prawn noodles @ some hawker place instead. What can i say? Good thing I had Beanie as an excuse to feed ourselves with some indo-thai fair @ Bambu. That's my who never fail to make me laugh nonetheless. Happy 32nd burfday my love!

Random daily thots - 171111

Browsing through the selves of a video store brings me back to my idyllic days in Perth. Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

Strangely comforting

  Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld  

simple pleasures

Spending some quiet time away from home... :) Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

wee thots on a sunday...

It's been 5 months since i moved to my new job, and am occasionally finding it hard to describe to people what I feel about this change. Things seem familiar yet different. I cannot quite put my finger on what' s missing ..... and maybe it is really too early to conclude something is amiss. This is not to say i don't like my job or anything negative. Personally.... i just feel i need to find that one thing that keeps me going in my career... the way I have always been with my previous ones. Maybe... and just maybe... I have not quite let go of the past.... and sometimes i wonder... have i stepped back... or  moved forward. Ah well.... let's re-evaluate in another 5 months time. Time to hit the sack... good nite world.. and thanks for enduring my "thinking out loud" moments like this!  


Something I am quite proud of and would love that teeny weeny bit of recognition is the fact that I worked on launching an FB page for my current company. Social Media, while quickly taking over and finding its way into many marketing teams’ plans, it is still a medium that is shunned by many others, especially so in the industry I am in. There are concerns echoing in the organisation about how well we will do this, and whether or not it will backfire etc. One month on…results on the page seems encouraging and has in fact created waves in the company. I am so sure FB will be a main medium of communication in the months ahead. Having said that, no matter how big or small, everyone wants to be recognised for something…. but i think we are often shy to stand up and tell people that we deserve recognition… and most people needs that little bit of push to open up and share their untold stories. Well… the campaign currently running on   - “ What do you want to

Rochester Park

I was at Rochester Park twice in a week… Love the place. Away from the maddening crowd in town.   I was invited to a mixed wedding @ 9 Rochester Park , Krish. When i got the invitation… was looking forward to it loads. Partly because I have not been to Rochester park… but also I love weddings especially when it’s not the boring hotel sit-down ones.   Krish has a very large outdoor bar in a very serene and prettily manicured lawn. The unique furniture and natural setting gave the wedding a very heartwarming feel.   Famliy were seated in the restaurant, and had their 4 course dinner served at their tables…. while the outdoors were for friends and dinner was served in a buffet line, it is really fine by us as we were pampered with free flow of champagne, wine, beer and Krish’s house cocktail.  However, the buffet line was pretty much empty till about 9.45pm… which got many of us quite upset as we were famished by then. Other than this minor hiccup… the food was actually qui

Doing nothing...

Got up bright and early this morning... Hopped over the causeway (well I guess more accurately...rode in a car rather than hop)... And this is where I am sitting... Reading and enjoying my much needed coffee while waiting for hubz to be done with his team-building arrangements at Mercure Johor. If only we can do this more often... Great time to clear the mind. Anyway... Realised I have been tardy with my updates here... And have so much to catch-up...oh well... Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

Geeky toy

Yup! Hubz got us an iPad after I raved at how cool it was to look at pictures on it. This was after having a sneak peek at it from jojo! Well... I have always knew how cool apple products are, but never quite owned one. I was one of those who stood firm on my loyalty for the BB, hence when everyone went mad at the launch of iPhone 3GS, I stayed clear. One reason is that my fat fingers can't seem to work well with the iPhone. The iPad solved that problem of mine especially when we turn it to a landscape mode, I can type quite smoothly like I am at my lappy. I am actually typing this post wholly using my iPad, and doing this quite smoothly too! While there are limited local apps for iPad , I love how I can quickly access information without waiting for it to load, unlike my lappy.... Perfect for someone like me who cannot live without the internet! I am enjoying every bit of the iPad, although I dun think I will ever give up my beloved lappy as I love being my old fashioned

thinking of a change…

…in hairstyle that is…. Should i leave my hair as is… till it’s really long…. and go for those huge sexy curls… or maybe a short bob…hmmmmmmm   Here’s a look @ my past 3 years…   Ideas anyone?  


There is this thing that I have so badly wanted for a long time. Now, I see light at the end of the tunnel, with a pretty considerable chance of getting what I want ( or so I think). But... I get pangs of guilt hitting me just the thought of this possibility. Perhaps I never really wanted it in the first place. Perhaps certain things are best kept as an unattainable want. Perhaps it is a way for me to learn to appreciate the beauty of what I already have ( which sometimes is not as apparent). Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld