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5 Christmas Gift Ideas for your closest girl friends

Searching for that perfect gift for your girl friends, look no further!  Discount code in the post! We are less than 2 months away from Christmas, and parts of Orchard Road already has the festive lighting up. It is also around this time that I start sourcing for gifts since I do a lot of my shopping online. Need to take into consideration shipping time. So here's sharing some of the items I think will make great gifts for those girly get togethers.  And... this is really a major spoiler for my own girl friends since I have already purchased some of these ready to wrap and go under the Christmas Tree!

Beautiful Mama Blog Awards

Here's a big thank you to Maddie from Mommy's Boy Musings  for nominating me for this award. It came as a surprise, a pleasant one no doubt since I have always been pretty quiet in the mommy blogging space. :) It is always nice to know that people do read my blog, and find it interesting to want to continue reading it. Having been able to be part of an exclusive mom blogging community has made me realise that there are so many of us going through a similar journey, and there's so much to learn from one another.  So.. thank you once again Maddie ! The three things I love about motherhood are 1) To be able to laugh and act silly without anyone judging; 2) To be that someone he looks forward to seeing at the end of each day; 3) To be able to love without any boundaries. are some of the mommies I feel are also very deserving of this award:  The Nice Rebel Rabbit A Juggling Mom Sanses Our Princess Dana My Baby Footsteps Little Blue Bottle  How

Anniversary Staycation @ Siloso Beach Resort

30th December 2011 saw us celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. Time certainly zooms pass us, and this anniversary will be the last where we celebrate as "just us". Next year this time, Beanie will join in the celebration... as the labour of our love  :) Dying to go overseas, I booked ourselves into Siloso Beach Resort @ Sentosa. (Well... going across that bridge is still considered overseas right? ) I  will do a short review of the resort in a while, but just let me recount the day's happenings first. Celebrations started on 29th December.  We got up bright & early, and headed to the sonographer's for my week 20 fetal anomaly scan. I was a little nervous as I have not seen Beanie for over a month, so am not sure if everything's alright. My worries were unfounded, and this early morning visit brought us the best anniversary present we could ask for.... that was the gender of Beanie. We are expecting a Dragon Boy! Yay! This wonderful news....coupled wi

renewed optimism

After a year's hiatus from regularly visiting my gynae, we finally decided it was time to re-start that routine. It is not always something I enjoy, given each visit usually takes up about 2 to 3 hours. Well... as in previous posts... I am embracing this TTC journey with renewed optimism... so why not share this " (re)new(ed) journey" here. After 2 rounds of clomid and a laproscopy... we thought we should probably start on what's naturally the next course of action, which is SuperOvulation (SO) and possible intrauterine insemination (IUI).  So our visit to Dr F last satty was just to do some routine checks... in case during the course of the previous year, some weird stuff have started to grow in me... also to prepare him for our intentions. My womb was given a good bill of health (Yay!!)... and to our pleasant surprise... Dr F found a little follicle growing. As I was in day 10 of my cycle... we were all quietly excited and secretly hoping that this little bud will

an interesting journey?

Thanks to Bear, we managed to snag a couple of complimentary tics to " Voyage de la Vie " .  Always had the intention to watch it, but since it is the resident theatrical show @ RWS, I thought... what's the hurry. Well...since I have never watched any other mega scale circus such as Cirque du Soleil, neither did I take the trouble to read any reviews on the show... hence, I pretty much did not have any expectations. It was already a bonus that Hwa was willing to go for the show with me on a "schoolnight". :) We were sitting at the front few rows... and when the show started... we were pleasantly surprised by how the the cast "mingled" with the audience when they made their entrance, although I secretly wished they will leave me alone. Voyage de la Vie, in french means " Journey of Life", where it depicts the story of Boy (Jonathan Leong) and his experience while growing up. I loved the set and the pyrotechnics. I loved the gymnastics perfo

Vanilla Bar & Cafe

Discovered this lovely little restaurant hidden along Boon Tat Street, a quiet find amidst daily CBD crowd. True to it's name, you will notice there is a subtle vanilla scent as you enter the restaurant. It even has a small outdoor sitting area for about 5 to 10 people, which looks like a totally different place with it's lush greenery. Food served is a fusion of local and japanese, which I find quite refreshing. I ordered the Mini Burger sampler , which is two mini burgers , one with pulled pork, and the other with pork katsu. Love the slight spiciness of the pulled pork... and would definitely go for the "full" pulled pork burger the next time. My colleagues ordered the beef japanese curry rice, grilled cod fish with baked potatoes and sausages with rosti.... they all tasted yummy! I cannot seem to find anything really wrong with them... Oh! and i forgot to mention their bacon wrapped enoki is juicy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. I can down 5 of them

meen is sad

( this post is actually 5 days late as I can’t seem to connect to the internet when i wrote this)--- so back date this is 1 Dec 2010. I seriously did not think leaving would be so hard.  Someone once told me, the best time to leave a job is when u are doing well. True… but it is also the hardest time to leave. When I saw the tears from my colleagues eyes… no matter how much i tried… i cried too! It’s barely 24 hrs since i left… and when Wellie told me someone is already sitting my desk…. i was like..”HOW RUDE”!! Haha! Just a sudden surge of emotions… :) Anyway… i shud really get to bed… have to be up 4 hrs time.

thank goodness for girlfriends

Been feeling tired and restless of late. Increased workload…coupled with some recent increase of a few friends (read: a FEW ) being blessed with baby luck kinda brought spirits down a little bit. Well….I thought i was doing well coping with the lack of baby luck ever since my op last May. But of course sometimes current situations may open up that little wound.   Whenever things get a litle rough… i am really thankful for girlfriends to ease the pressure a little for just being there.   I am someone who doesn’t thrive on socialising in pubs and bars. When i get tired and sad… all I need is for someone to have a cuppa tea… or a k session to chat or simply to be there.   I had a pretty good dinner with Addy and Jenny last Wednesday…. and it feels great to spend that quality time talking about almost everything under the “moon”. To top it up… we had a free meal!   Love these girls!

Pleasant Experience @ MAH

I have in recent times learned to give compliments when I see good service. I mean, the folks in the service industry get enuff shit from over-demanding singaporeans who complain at every small inaction, which sometimes makes every third person's blood boil. Treat people with the same respect you expect to be given, and that is what I always live by. I have had my fair share of experience dealing with hospitals, both private and govt. My recent surgery at Mt Alvernia proved that there are healthcare professionals who really care, and not doing what they do because it is "just a job". The people at MAH made my surgery experience less scary than it seems, registration was effortless, waiting and prep for the op was made as comfortable as possible even when the day surgery ward was at full occupancy. Discharge was pleasant where nurses fussed over me making sure I was really ok. And... They made the effort to call the following day to ensure there was no dire after eff