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St Giles Wembley, Penang

We visited Penang in August as part of our yearly obligation trip with the grannies. Here's our first post on Kidland Penang , a similar educational playground concept as Kidzania and BabyBoss in Taipei. Today, we are going to share about the hotel we picked for this trip. While I very much preferred a resort at Batu Ferringhi, where we can just "nua" and "lepak" all day. But, we know the grannies will get bored. So, a city hotel in Georgetown was the choice.

Cosmic Kidland Penang

Fun in Penang for Kids  Did you know that Penang has their very own version of Kidzania? Well, not surprised if tourists don't know this as it is housed in the most unkid-like location. Kidland Penang sits on the 4th and 5th storey at Pragnin Mall, which is like our Sim Lim here in Singapore.

Penang Getaway 2013 - The Food

Part 1 on our recent Penang getaway is can be found here.   No trip to the food capital of Malaysia will be complete without a proper food trail. We had our tummies filled and extremely happy in the 3 days we were there. We explored the Batu Ferringhi stretch on our first evening. The large variety of food available at our doorstep was more than what we could explore.  Long beach food centre, which is amazingly clean, with a good variety of local food. We were there slightly before the crowd came at about 6pm, hence the empty tables. Clockwise: Orh-Luah (Oyster Omlette), Grilled Sambal Squid and Grilled Stingray. Loved the  stingray as it was grilled  with a little crunch, and the chili had a tinge of sourness that was a good complement to the former. Green Curry Chicken from the "cooked food" stall. The spices used were very flavorful, but I felt it could do better with more coconut.  After dinner, we walked the night market and J surprisingly fel

Getaway to Penang 2013 - Part 1

We often get asked why we bother taking our child , who is not even 2 years old out of the country. They wouldn't know better, and it is definitely a hassle to pack and manage a hyper kid on board the plane. True to all that, and we had first hand experience of J disturbing other passengers on board the plane when we flew to Hong Kong earlier this year. However, that did not hinder us from wanting to travel with J again, not even when he is displaying signs of the Terrible Twos. Travelling with the child is a different experience. For us, it is an opportunity to spend quality time as a family. It is important especially when we are always so busy during the week, and when there's always distractions such as housework and the likes on a normal day. So, the trip allowed us to bask in one another's company, and spend our time doing silly things, snuggle in bed or just chat like we never chat before. We did exactly that last week. I was attracted to how different it