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3 reasons why making terrariums can teach your kid a thing or two

Did you know that terrariums are really costly? I love terrariums and I love how they can make me happy just by looking at them,  but I can never figure out why they are always so expensive. (Oh! And, I am really bad at keeping them alive, which is probably not best discussed on this post) That said, when Masons Home Decor offered me a DIY Terrarium Kit, I thought why not. Maybe, I can start making my own going forward, just in time for our new home (if it happens this year!). is through this activity, I realised why terrariums cost so much, and rightly so and that's because making them is an art which requires a good deal of patience and precision! This boy, in his excitement to start poured the coloured pebbles in before the soil and mixed them all up. So we ended up with no pebbles after that! LOL! J and I had good fun working on the pack and here's 3 reasons why we will not hesitate to do this again although it's a huge big mess! 1) Makin

A walk in the park: Choa Chu Kang Park

The man and I decided quite randomly, during a car journey that we should attempt to visit a different park each weekend morning since we are all early risers. This is our attempt to spend quality time with the boy, encourage outdoor activities as well as reduce screen time. Fresh air on a weekend morning sounds like a great start to the day doesn't it? So, here's our first, and off we went to Choa Chu Kang Park . As short walk from Choa Chu Kang MRT Station, this part is nicely tucked against some lush greenery and spreads over 11 hectures. According to the NParks website, the park has 4 main areas. Well, we managed to cover one area which has 3 dfferent playgrounds. Heaven for the boy I suppose. Entering the park, walking along the fitness stations.