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About the 4th birthday party

Birthday parties for the past 3 years have always been quite a taboo in our little family. Other than J's full month party which he probably remembered nothing about, every other party we tried to organise never quite materialized. We finally managed to pull off a party this year! I hope he does not ask for one every year though .  His first birthday was cancelled 2 days before the party day because he got his first HFMD. For his second birthday, we wanted a small do with some friends. That got cancelled too because he had a drippy nose. So for his third, we decided to do without a party.

7 Tips on surviving Kidzania Singapore

#kidzania #kidzaniasg #funinsg We made it to Kidzania Singapore last Friday, and as expected, the boy had a blast.  We have never been to any other Kidzanias in the world, but we have been to BabyBoss in Taipei (which he absolutely loved) and the rather quiet Cosmic Kidland in Penang and we just knew Kidzania will be a hit with this boy so much so, we are in the midst of planning our visit to Kidzania Bangkok in June. Absolute look of joy at the entrance of the Kidzania Singapore. He says, "I am super excited Mummy!!" 

Kaohsiung - Fit for kids (Part 1)

Let's visit Ciaotou Sugar Refinery and Cijin Island Kaohsiung is the second largest city in Taiwan, after Taipei, and is the apparently the most densely populated city in the country.  Scoot expanded their route to include Kaohsiung as a direct destination from Singapore last year, and that makes Scoot one of the 2 airlines (the other being China Airlines) to fly direct from Singapore.  If you prefer to explore different parts of Taiwan like ourselves, using Kaohsiung as a base could be an option, away from the hustle bustle of modern Taiwan. Best part is, Kaohsiung takes about 3.5 hours to get to, almost 40 min less if you choose to fly into Taipei from Singapore.  Traditionally an industrial area, you will still see hints of its history as you travel in and around the city. Despite the commercial nature of the city, Kaohsiung has its charm, and interesting sights for the family.  I am covering a few places where you can visit if you are in town over 2 posts. (

Zoomoo - For the love of animals ( with giveaway )

"It's All Animals - All The Time!" There are a few things on the kid's radar these days. They are anything related to police and firemen or the zoo. There's one thing on mummy's radar though. That is to start supplementing the kid with stuff learnt in school. I have always meant to look for some enrichment for him, but I cannot bear to burn our weekends, at the same time, I am always very tired from work. What I do at home with him is very limited.  Image courtesy of ZooMoo Asia

Cold Storage Kids Run 2015

Back to regular programming after our week long vacation in Taiwan... Let me start by covering the Cold Storage Kids' Run which happened 2 weeks ago.