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Autumn in Hokkaido 2014 - Part 3

#travelogue #hokkaido #Japan #travelwithkids Here's the 3rd and last installment of our holiday to Hokkaido last September, which was also the furthest we have travelled with the boy. A pocket bursting trip as well, setting us back quite a bit since we had both grannies on the trip as well.

Autumn in Hokkaido 2014 - Part 2

<Part 1 of our Hokkaido Trip can be found here> Continuing with Day 2 of our 2014 Autumn trip, we arrived at Furano just in time for lunch. Other than being known as a great place for hot springs, Furano is also home to many flower farms, that makes this place so colourful throughout the year. Depending on the season, these farms will have fields of seasonal flowers, that looks absolutely lovely. 

Autumn In Hokkaido 2014 - Part 1

We just returned from our year end vacation, yet our autumn in Hokkaido posts are not up yet! Since it was a packaged tour, I thought taking you guys on a pictorial tour will be best! We started our 7 days in Hokkaido with a visit to the Northern Horse Park. NORTHERN HORSE PARK  There's lots to do around this huge park. Other than riding in the horse carriage which we did, there's also pony show to entertain the little ones. 

Packaged Tours with toddlers

Packaged tour with toddlers isn't so scary after all! Whenever we travel as a couple, we will do everything ourselves. From booking of our air tickets, to searching for boutique hotels, and planning the itinerary in detail. I enjoy every bit of holiday planning as that means there is something to look forward to. When we started to take our mothers out on holidays, we tried doing the planning as well. But, there will be things we want to see that does not interest them and vice versa.