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My thoughts on the Glenn Doman Learning Method

When I was invited to attend a baby learning seminar about the Glenn Doman Learning Method , I wasn't prepared to feel what I did after that. There were fleeting thoughts in that 3 hours for me to leave my job to be at home with J. I also had my heart swell with pride despite not having been the most conscientious mum in helping my son to learn. Yet the time he spent in school has helped him reach all his developmental and learning milestones.  

My take on infant care

In a blink of an eye, J has been in an infant care  centre (IFC) for slightly more than a year. The decision to place him at an infant care was a rash one . However, looking back and recounting J's milestones, and despite the times he fell ill, I am glad we made this decision. Today, J will be moving on to a new centre, 3 months short of his 18th month. Albeit a centre in the same organization, I do hope he will be equally happy there. The move was a hard decision given that he loves his teachers. And...he found himself a girlfriend... YES! You heard right. He met a girl who he cannot stop raving about. :) This boy is starting young... mind you!  In all seriousness here's some positive things I have noticed Napping J did not have a regular napping pattern when he was just a tiny bub. He cat naps most times which the school lets him be initially. However, when he turned 7 months and was shifted out of the baby room to sleep on mattresses with the bigger babies, the tea

[Giveaway] Personalise your kids' belongings with Muakids

While looking for  personalised gifts for kiddy guests coming to J's birthday , I came across Muakids and was very attracted by their personalised name labels and of course bag tags. So, when the bag tags became hugely popular with my mummy friends and their kiddos, I decided to give Muakids' labels a try.  The Muakids Bag Tag on J's infantcare bag.  Before that, I have used different types of labels on J's belongings, especially those he had to bring to infantcare. Many did not last very long. Some were not waterproof and had to be changed very frequently. Some could not withstand the heat from the steam steriliser and some just could not stick very well. Those that worked well, came only in one size, thus does not fit well on certain items.  The labels from Muakids on the other hand comes in various shapes and sizes. They have basic ones, huge deluxe ones and skinny ones. Loved the  skinny ones as they fit into those small tight spaces. There are sticker do

Saying Goodbye...

Burger's favourite teacher has left, and I am pretty disappointed at the way it was handled. I am not sure about other infant care centers, since this is the first time, and the only centre Burger has ever been to.  The infant care centre actually assigns a teacher to three kids , and these teachers will be responsible for the development of their assigned babies. I personally think this is a pretty cool system, as for a parent, I would know who I can look for to catch up on my son's development. This also meant that Burger was exceptionally attached to his assigned teacher who I refer to as A here. He loves her so much that when she was the one to hand him over to me at the end of each day, he would hug her with all his might, and almost every time sometimes ignore me. This is not the case if it was the other teachers who had to do the honours. In such circumstances, Burger will usually be kicking and squealing in excitement for me to hold him in my arms.  On a po

My First Skool - Why Infantcare?

I promised to write on why we decided to send my precious Burger Boy to Infant care. Well, when I was pregnant, I was dead set on having my mum care for Burger Boy when I get back to work. I only trust her, and I like how she instilled discipline in bro & me.  Although we stay quite a distance from mum’s and we own a weekend car, I was dead sure that I can get up, send Burger Boy to mum’s and drive home before 7am every single day. Grand plans don’t always fall into place nicely.   After a month as a new mom, and super sleep deprived, I realized that every single second of sleep counts. Hence getting up at 5am (or even earlier)… whizzing Burger Boy to mum’s, whizzing back home, then commuting to office… and back again is not going to work. I’ll be a walking zombie. And, me, being the ultra possessive mom will not hear of being a weekend parent. Hence a month before I was due back at work, Hwa and I decided that infant care was probably the best way to go.