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In Conversation: Stepping out and building a business

I am always inspired by mothers who dare to step out of their comfort zones, whether they are SAHMs or FTWMs, to start their own business. I have always wanted to do the same. Ideas have been conceived, but never really gotten down to putting my plans into action. It takes a lot of discipline and I am personally still working towards making my dream a reality. 

In Conversation #5: Hypnotherapy for kids

"Hypnotherapy can help kids overcome behavioral changes" Before I delve into today's "In Conversation", I just wanted to say that my blog is not just about mummies and stuff. More often than not, the experiences I share here are The Man and my parenting experience. Just that The Man prefers not to make any writing appearance on the blog. Oh well. Having said that, I will be speaking with fathers as part of the my "In Conversation" series. The parenting perspective from dads can be helpful for us mums to take a leaf from. Yes?  Today, I am extremely excited to have Samuel Tan, single dad to a Primary 2 girl who interestingly is also certified in hypnotherapy!  Read on to find out why he took up the discipline, and what he uses it for. 

In conversation #3: Rookie Mummy

Looking back at the time when I first became a mummy, I was overwhelmed with how much there was to do, and sometimes lamented at how much our lives have changed. As time went by, I now look back at those times fondly, and certainly wish that time has more mercy on us as the boy is growing up too fast. Today, I have a Victoria Koh on the blog. A first time mummy of only 4 months to a boy, Ryan, who she endearingly calls " Chilli "! Let's hear from her on how she is coping and what advice she is dishing out to other new mummies.

In conversation #2 - The Nice Rebel Rabbit

Today, I have got " The nice rebel rabbit " on the blog. An educator, bursting with positivity, who loves life and lives life to the fullest. That's Becky, a mother of 2 boys with very different temperaments. Let's hear from her on how motherhood has made her the person she is.  If you are curious to find out why she calls herself "The nice rebel rabbit", read till the end of this post! 

In conversation #1 - The organised mummy

On the blog today is Geraldine Low, mother of 2 beautiful girls aged 7 and 4. Gerry, as I like to call her,  is also a passionate digital marketer in the financial services industry. That says a lot. As someone who has been in a similar role before... the work hours are crazy! When I had J, she was always the first person I'd go to when I needed sound mummy advice. Needless to say, she was also the first person I thought of to start this new "In conversation" series.