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Becoming mom. A second time round

Little C turns 6 months old in 2 week’s time and it is perhaps a good time to talk a little about becoming mum, a second time around. The most frequent questions I get after giving birth were whether baby is easy to care for, if Little C is anything like Fighter J and if Little C feeds well, has a good latch etc. And very often, people will pepper their questions with a comment that I am not a first time mum and things should be manageable for me. Well, second time round doesn't mean things are easier because each child is different, whether in temperament or preferences. So, let's just say my experience becoming mum again is familiar yet new, at times strange. I was definitely more prepared in terms of what to expect. And, riding on my experience with J, I made my expectations of the people around me very clear, which means I made everyone play by my rules. Oh well, since I just went through 9 months carrying this kid, and a few hours delivering h

Keeping it real after birth

There's a saying around pregnancy and childbirth where I believe many mothers can agree to, and that is, pregnancy is usually the easiest part. The hard part comes around needing to cope with the new baby and other responsibilities . 

February is the new January

Hello! I cannot believe how January has flown past us.  Whoosh... ! Just like that.

2016. I am glad you are leaving.

If I had to rate how 2016 was from a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is absolutely horrible, and 5 is perfect, I think I will barely make it to 1. No sugar coating at all, it was a biatch (if you all will just indulge my language on my family kinda blog).

Get a free ride with Friso today!

Like most boys, our energetic little imp has a thing for vehicles. Vehicles of all shapes and sizes! From those mini Tomica ones to huge motorised ones. Our house is filled with vehicles of all types and all sizes. Not too long ago, J will always insist on having his haircut at QB House at VivoCity because he knows we will let him take a spin on those paid motorised rides near the playground. There are times when we are so tempted to get one for him, but if you look around at local toy shops, they can be very costly. Some can go up to about $400, so that's why for a long time we willingly pay for him to have his 10min of fun at these play places. 

Mindfulness at the workplace

The weeks back at the office after CNY was nothing but stressful. Hands up those who feel the way I do right now!  I could really use some relaxing yoga session or the likes.  Of course, stress is all part and parcel of work isn't it? However, have you ever sometimes reflected on your day and realised how you handled a particular situation could be the cause of your stress? Maybe it's a case of speaking too much too soon? Maybe it is all relative to other events in happening in your life.

Legend Hotel, Kaohsiung - Taiwan Family Holiday

We just returned from our year end vacation, and no prizes for guessing where we ended at! For the second time in 2015, we visited Taiwan, and I can shout out loud that I love that country very much. With the vast open spaces and lush greenery, as well as the almost endless coastal scenery, I cannot get enough of Taiwan. There's still so much for us to explore and I am very sure we will be back there very soon. This time, we went southwards flying into Kaohsiung instead of Taipei. For the uninitiated, Kaohsiung is at the south-western part of Taiwan, very close to the southern tip, and it is the second most populous city after Taipei. In the past, the only direct flight from Singapore to Kaohsiung is on China Airlines. Most recently, our local budget carrier Scoot started flying this route, and we love it because it takes almost an hour less if we flew into Taipei. Best for my J who hates long plane rides. More about Kaohsiung coming on the blog in the weeks to come. Here&#

Happy 3rd Birthday

In a blink of an eye, this boy who used to be a pudgy burger face is now a 1m tall, a super motor mouth and extremely generous boy. At 3 years old, I cannot believe how much he knows and how much love he has to give. This year, we decided we will not have any big birthday do for him since it seemed rather jinx in the previous years. 

Day in a A Life: Weekend Fun

I have been doing this working mama gig for about 3 years now, and really,   my weekdays are not the most interesting. Weekends on the other hand are different, especially so now that the man needs to work on shifts. This means on some weekends, it's solo parenting for me, and also an opportunity to spend 1-to-1 time with my cheeky monkey. Here's how one of my solo parenting Sunday looked like:

5 things yoga taught me about life

Picking up yoga again was one of the best things I did for myself.  Pre-kids, doing yoga was very much about losing weight, and getting in shape.

Round up of February and March 2015

#monthlyreflections #ivf #growingup #5lovelangauges I said I wanted to do a monthly round-up starting this year. Then I forgot. Now that I remembered, I am thinking what I should start with. With a quarter of the year gone, 2015 has proved to be a year of reflections and adjustments for the whole family due to certain decisions we made. With that, I am certain it is going to get tougher throughout the year. But we will pull through!

Getting emotionally prepared for IVF

On top of cost being the biggest obstacle for couples who want to start on IVF, it is the emotional stress that may come along with it that may sometimes hinder couples from taking that giant step. Source

Mini Traditional Egg Cakes 鸡蛋糕

  With so many cooking and baking mums in my network, it is only natural for me to take a keen interest in baking. Baking to me is also very therapeutic when things get a little stressful on the work front. However, I tend to like working on quick and easy recipes and here's one of my all-time favorites.

My Thoughts on Primary One Registration.

Well... there is still a few years before I need to worry about getting J into a primary school. The unfortunate thing is my affiliation is with a ( popular) all girls school and the man doesn't have any. Initially, when I knew I had a boy, it did cross my mind that I must be diligent in doing all these parent volunteering and what nots due to our lack of so-called advantage.   However, with the recent discussions around the P1 registrations, I begin wonder what I would do when it's our turn.

5 ways to staying positive

Source After going through quite a bit trying for a child (more so the second, non-existent one), and while we are not the worst off couple, the set-backs have brought me to tears on many occasions. Sometimes... well, just occasionally, I ask why me? But, every time I am done with wallowing in self pity, I pick myself up and move on. My mum always taught me that even if I cried myself silly, till my eyes are all swollen, the world doesn't stop revolving. More importantly, what am I going to do about it.

Turning 2 years old - A milestone post

I cannot remember when was the last time I did a milestone post for this boy of ours. And, since we attended our first Parents-Teachers-Meeting (PTM) 2 weeks back, this is probably a good time to jot down some of J's development in school. I never thought the first ever PTM I needed to attend as a parent is when my child is only 2 years old. Good thing the experience was positive, otherwise I would have developed a phobia of PTMs in future.

Living up to expectations

How many of us have gotten upset or angry when people critisise or question the things we do, the way we lead our lives and as a mother, the way we bring up our kids. People will bound to have their own opinion of things, and that's perhaps their right. How we react to it is maybe a reflection of how we think we have "performed" in their opinion. But does it really matter?  Subconciously, we get upset because we don't live up to their expectations. At least that's what I realise when I reflect upon some of the things that affect me. As a child, I was very afraid of not doing well in school as I know my mum will be disappointed. We were often compared to our overachieving cousins who all made it to the top schools in singapore (of the R family) plus prestigious universities in the UK and US. I made it to Australia only because I failed my A Levels. As I started dating, I cried myself silly when my then boyfriend decided to leave me. I thought I

Is one enough? Why I still want to try.

There's been a lot of good news coming from other mummies of late. Happy that there's going to be more kiddies as I feel that children are a blessing. However, it is inevitable at times like this to think about my own little family. To expand or not? To continue trying or not? I am not bitter (ok ok... yes... I confess, I do feel upset at times, enough to make me depressed) .  More like disappointed really. The heart is getting weak and knows not how much longer it can last before it gives up hope. When well-meaning people tell you it should get easier when you have had your first. Take it with a pinch of salt I say. There's always gonna be exceptions.  After the ectopic incident, it seemed like the so-iui treatments don't work (well) anymore. We know that we need to think about what's next and IVF  seems like the an unavoidable option. So the next question is whether or not we can be contented with just one.  I always knew I wanted at least 2 in

Family Photoshoot with Pod of Peas

It took me over a year before I got down to getting a family photoshoot done professionally, and this decision only came after seeing so many pretty pictures of fellow mummies. And, when we finally did, I regretted not working on it earlier. I missed out on having some of J's best moments captured. Oh well, better late than never I suppose.  We researched many providers. Some had superb skill, but cost a lot since we are allowed to select only a a few pictures to keep. Some were reasonably priced, but didn't quite have the photography style we were looking for.  It was around this time, I got re-aquainted with our wedding videographer who also does wedding photography - Muse+Hues .  Lawrence,  a half of the business, happen to also be a friend and he just started his family photography arm, Pod of Peas . Mainly because of the familiarity, we decided to let Lawrence do the job. A father of 2 young children plus an avid runner, I had no doubts that he can manage

Separation Anxiety

"5 days without you by my side I sit and wonder if you will be alright. I know i will be all blue without my superglue. Will you feel the same way too? My heart races without your  embraces Will you also miss me and my funny faces?  I worry if you'll get enough to eat I worry if you cannot fall asleep I worry your teeth would have decayed ,when I get back and days of dirty clothes from school unpacked.  I worry your temper tantrums,  Will hold your father at ransom.  I worry about so much more  That's making me not want to go anymore. " Yup! We have one mother with a serious bout of separation anxiety and it is not funny. While thinking about what to pack for my work trip to shanghai, my mind's also through what I need to prepare for the boy just so everyone helping out with J will knows what to do.  Since J was born, we have never really been apart for more than 2 nights. So this