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2016. I am glad you are leaving.

If I had to rate how 2016 was from a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is absolutely horrible, and 5 is perfect, I think I will barely make it to 1. No sugar coating at all, it was a biatch (if you all will just indulge my language on my family kinda blog).

IVF Round 3 - Heartbreak comes in many ways

I looked at my last post and realized that I have not written for over a month. Well...accurately, I have written. I wrote a lot. Just that it wasn't here. source

1st FET Failed: Another baby hope dashed...

... right before Christmas. Source After our successful stimulated cycle and retrieva l, we took a break at the suggestion of our doctor. We agreed that we will get the transfer done 3 months later (which is November). While waiting, I decided to get my health or rather system back on track by going for acupuncture. We have always heard it helps to "tiao" our bodies and can be extremely helpful in increasing success rates of IVF.