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7 Tips on surviving Kidzania Singapore

#kidzania #kidzaniasg #funinsg We made it to Kidzania Singapore last Friday, and as expected, the boy had a blast.  We have never been to any other Kidzanias in the world, but we have been to BabyBoss in Taipei (which he absolutely loved) and the rather quiet Cosmic Kidland in Penang and we just knew Kidzania will be a hit with this boy so much so, we are in the midst of planning our visit to Kidzania Bangkok in June. Absolute look of joy at the entrance of the Kidzania Singapore. He says, "I am super excited Mummy!!" 

NoQ Online Bookstore - A review

I must say I am quite a tech savvy mama as I have a hubby who likes to gift me with tech presents as compared to blinks and bags. Name an e-reader, I probably have them somewhere in the house. That said, I still very much prefer to read books the old fashioned way. However, I sometimes do have issues managing my time as a working mum, so I cannot be happier to have the option to shop for books online. Oh yes! In case you don't already know... I am an avid online shopper.

The QUBE Hotel & The Langham Xintiandi - Shanghai

The recent work trip to Shanghai gave me the opportunity to stay at two different hotel establishments. My colleagues and I arrived in Shanghai just before midnight , so we planned to settle at some hotel near the airport for the night instead of going all the way into town. Moreover, the first night was supposed to be paid out of our own pockets, so a cheaper option just for a night's rest was a great idea. If you google, there are quite a few hotels claiming to by Shanghai Pudong Airport hotels. However, most require you to either take a 5 to 15 minutes shuttle service or cab ride to the hotel. We picked The QUBE Hotel Pudong . Maybe because it was in the middle of the night, and we left at 10am the next day hence we did not explore outside very much.  I felt that there wasn't much to see or do around the area. There's a shopping centre right next door though with quite a bit of eateries as well as McDonalds. So, at least it's not entirely ulu... if you k

My first visit to Stellar @ 1-Altitude

Today, I had the opportunity to dine at Stellar, 1-Altitude, at the kind invitation of the people from BT Invest. I have been wanting to  chill out at 1-Altitude, but somehow , plans to spend a friday evening with girlfriends there always seem to fall through.  While this work event is at Stellar and not the Gallery, it was my chance to take in the breathtaking view of the CBD while enjoying some happy food... and of course participating in the trade event. Food was good, and surprisingly, what I enjoyed most was their salad and soup. Salad was  a combination of tiger prawns , romaine lettuce, couscous, promegranate, almond bits (i think) and feta cheese. Crunchiness of the couscous & almond bits with the juciness of the promegranate gave a different taste and texture to what seemed like a normal salad. I don't think I can do the food justice with what I describe and i wished i remembered to take some piccies. Oh well! I would love to visit again , next time to have a prope

Pleasant Experience @ MAH

I have in recent times learned to give compliments when I see good service. I mean, the folks in the service industry get enuff shit from over-demanding singaporeans who complain at every small inaction, which sometimes makes every third person's blood boil. Treat people with the same respect you expect to be given, and that is what I always live by. I have had my fair share of experience dealing with hospitals, both private and govt. My recent surgery at Mt Alvernia proved that there are healthcare professionals who really care, and not doing what they do because it is "just a job". The people at MAH made my surgery experience less scary than it seems, registration was effortless, waiting and prep for the op was made as comfortable as possible even when the day surgery ward was at full occupancy. Discharge was pleasant where nurses fussed over me making sure I was really ok. And... They made the effort to call the following day to ensure there was no dire after eff

Finally made my first purchase on .   Have always wanted to make myself the proud owner all those chic designer labels off Reebonz as their prices are always too good to resist. Alas… my fingers were never fast enuff. By the time i get to the website, most of the popular designs would have been snapped up by other fashionistas. Last Thursday, while waiting for my slowcoach colleagues to go out for a happy lunch… i decided to drop by Reebonz exactly at 12pm ( that’s the time when each event @ Reebonz commences…). Then i saw Coach… Instinctively… i went in… found one design… without thinking too much… clicked on “Buy”… If i did not forget my paypal password… i would have completed the transaction in less than 10 min! Hmmm….  to some… this sounds like an impulse buy… Well… i would concur actually. I became $500 poorer… yet a bag richer. Who cares right… as long as I am happy! The change in my mood was apparently too obvious for colleagues NOT to notice! Wahahaha

change is the only constant…

Over a short period of a month, there’s been almost a change in  the people front almost every week. I think, today was the one change that made me slip into a mini depression. Someone who taught me a lot in this job, someone who supports all my initiatives, and is 100% committed to a common goal of putting our customers at the heart of what we do. Someone who’s always so positive…. someone who rose through the ranks… someone who’s always encouraging me on…. never giving up. She has decided to step down to spend time @ home with the kiddies. I think she made the right decision as nothing beats watching your lovely children grow up day on day…. taking their first step, speaking their first word, reading their first book….. While i wish her all the best…. i know I am going to miss her dearly. Don’t know how everything will turn out to after she leaves. All I can tell myself is to press on… tomorrow will be better! To this lovely lady… i will miss u. All the best to you!

still can't get it right

After trying to get to Tiger for a few days...but to no avail. This is what i found in my mailbox. Angry, disappointed, pissed...... So much for reminding me of the great deal I had! Dear Tiger airways... you sure did remind me of my flight to BKK... and it sure was a GREAT DEAL! Great deal of pain and frustration! Thanks for the GREAT  DEAL of customer service you provided.... !!!

fly not with Tiger Airways

Weeks after booking myself a flight to BKK, and  being extremely pleased with the upcoming holiday.... i was notified by the airline that " For operational reasons, some changes have been made to your flight schedule..." So... they made the decision (without my consultation of coz!) to push my return flight to the next day, which means I needed to stay another night in BKK. The notice below left me no choice but to accept their counter offer... becoz dun u think it sounded like if i dun accept... i will forfeit the $$ i paid for the flight?! Well... anyway.... I am not a difficult customer to start of with... and acknowledging that the airline probably have somewhere in their terms and conditions that they reserve the right to change their flight schedules at their own discretion... I compliantly accepted the updated itinerary and went on to reserve another night @ the hotel (which is obviously at a higher price). That done.... i was once again pleased with myself...