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1 year after Juvenile Dermatomyositis

We have crossed the "1st year anniversary" from the time we got J's diagnosis. He has had Juvenile Dermatomyositis  (JDM) for over a year now, and at this point, we cannot be more thankful for him to have come this far of absolutely showing no signs of his illness. And earlier this month,  we marked the last day he needs to take any prednisone (steroids) His illness is still active, and we are working hard to help him reach remission. In the meantime, we are also seizing every opportunity to let him enjoy his childhood as we were told even after remission, the odds of it relapsing is 60%. The events leading up to his diagnosis can be found here.  I recalled when I wrote that post, I was still overwhelmed with emotions. We didn't know who to listen to and what kind of monster we were facing. Whatever we could find on Dr. Google pointed to this being a battle for years. For some kids, it is a lifetime. But, we are super super grateful of his pediatrician and

Enrichment vs New Pre-school

The life of a 2 year old these days are more complicated than what we adults can envisage. Friendships, relationships with their teachers, trouble over the things they want, and over what mummy says they can have, and the list probably goes on and on.  We grown-ups think only we have the worst end of the stick! I guess not. 

My thoughts on the Glenn Doman Learning Method

When I was invited to attend a baby learning seminar about the Glenn Doman Learning Method , I wasn't prepared to feel what I did after that. There were fleeting thoughts in that 3 hours for me to leave my job to be at home with J. I also had my heart swell with pride despite not having been the most conscientious mum in helping my son to learn. Yet the time he spent in school has helped him reach all his developmental and learning milestones.