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Capella Cony S230T-13 Stroller - Our experience at Shape Run 2013

[J speaks]  Two Sundays ago, we got up bright and early to join over 10,000 pretty aunties and jie jies at the Shape Run . Lucky thing was, Mummy got a room for us to sleep over the night before at Parkroyal@Beach Road together with my good friends MM and PP, who also joined us at the run. Mummy says she will update on the staycation later so I will just focus talking about the Shape Run. If you have read mummy's review of my latest ride (Capella Cony S230T-13) , you would have gathered that we were sponsored to take part in the 2.4km Stroller Fun Run ( a new category in this year's Shape Run) together with 9 other mummies and their kiddos. We started making our way to the entrance of the event ground at about 6.45am and got there a little before 7am. Yawns! We were the first amongst the group to arrive and so I decided to start the day with some exercise by playing catch with Papee. I think Papee needs somewhat more exercise than I do as he looked so lethagic

If you are to live your last day...

When I was lying at A&E during the recent hospitalisation episode, I thought about many things. About what I should have done more to not have lived my life in vain. About how not to leave this world with regrets. Morbid I know. But isn't it always like that? It is when the prospect of losing what we have today that we begin to look back and wished we could have lived better lives and hence the cliche of living each day like it is our last. Simple as it sounds, chances are we will continue living the way we do just because we are sure there will always be tomorrow. I obviously have not lived very long. Not even close to half a decade. But, there were countless of occasions when I felt unhappy just because I suppressed my feelings and let others have their way. There were also times I let opportunities slip by because I was afraid of what the change may bring. Hence, I do want to try and do more of the following so as to live a fulfilling life. One with no regrets

Who wins in weaning?

Burger boy turned 6 months old last week and so begins his journey with solids. Well... to be more precise, I started to let him try solids when he was slightly over 5 months just because he always looked so excited and interested when he watches us at mealtimes. So at a week before he turned 6 months, he is already able to have 1 full meal of rice cereal. He sure has a passion for eating. To date....the only thing he does not like is papayas.. but then, we only tried that on him once. Then, when we started to mix his food,  our royal fussiness and his antics started to show. While he loves food (or so i choose to think), he is really picky in the way we feed him. Here's what happened in week one... 1) Mummy prepares rice cereal and mix in a veg puree 2) Burger Boy takes his first couple of spoons and suddenly lets out a wail. Yes... he wails! 3) Mummy tries to calm him down to no avail. Stuffs a bottle of water in his mouth.... Burger Boy stops wailing (only momentaril