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Getting emotionally prepared for IVF

On top of cost being the biggest obstacle for couples who want to start on IVF, it is the emotional stress that may come along with it that may sometimes hinder couples from taking that giant step. Source

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Deciding to start on IVF (in vitro fertilization)  to most couples is a last hope to having children. Yet, it is also an extremely stressful decision as it does not guarantee a child even after going  through the painful process.  source

Infertility: What I learnt from it.

Many of you probably know that we did not have an easy time  trying to conceive our first child. J came to us via our first cycle of stimulated intrauterine insemination or SO-IUI as some people know it. This happened after we have tried a couple of ways to get pregnant to no avail, and we embarked on SO-IUI, We had very little expectations as we have heard of low success rates doing so. We were probably much better off doing IVF.

Looking bleak on day 12

Seriously, I don't know if this will eventually get posted. But I think, as always, i need the outlet to make myself feel a little better. It is day 11 past the insemination. The cramps got worst and for the entire day, I was afraid to visit the loo.

4th SO-IUI cycle for number 2

This is our 4th insemination cycle trying for number 2, the 3rd after the ectopic pregnancy. It took us a few months in between before deciding to try another time for reasons that some of you may be familar with.  Fear.

No. I have not forgotten

Warning: This is yet another of my emo(tional) post. And, yes. It has something to do with "number 2" . No. I have not quite forgotten the ectopic pregnancy episode that happened exactly a year ago. If you are about to tell me, please move on, then maybe you have not come close to having any fertility issues. Much less lost a child to miscarriage or other any other situations. Of course it is no fault of anyone's, so bear with me while I remember the one we lost.

The 2nd Birthday Celebration

After last year's birthday party cancellation , we were praying hard that J will be able to have a proper celebration this year. We planned for an Elmo themed party both in school and at home. The home party was meant to be a small and cozy affair with just family and close friends. So, when we heard that J's classmate had hfmd just 10 days before his birthday, we took him out of school immediately. We didn't want to disappoint the little fellow when he was looking forward to the day his friends will sing the birthday song to him. He even practised singing,  complete with a clap and blowing of candles. Super cute right this boy?! It wasn't quite the right time to be juggling work and a "stay-at-home-kid" as it was an ultra busy period at  for me with a mega event , an advertising campaign and other projects on hand. Not to mention, we were actually on another cycle of SO-IUI. So, no surprises on guessing what happened after all these. Well, mummy&

Ectopic Pregnancy: What you should know

The dust has kinda settled, and to those who knew what happened and/or read my post 2 weeks back and provided comfort in one way or another, I want to say "Thank You". It made me feel better being able to talk about it, despite doing it here and via the mobile. The wonders of modern technology. No need for face to face conversations in case the tears cannot stop flowing. While the physical pain has subsided, the memory remains. I don't think it will ever really go away. I was just chatting with a dear friend about what happened. She went through the same some years back. Today, there are still tears when it's being mentioned. At that time, I can only be the one who listened and comforted. Today, I totally feel her. Going back to work this week was pretty tough. Most people avoid asking about what happened. But there are some who will probe. And in a few interesting conversations, I had not one, but 2 people congratulating me on my recent pregnancy. All in good

My ectopic pregnancy story

What started out as a bright cheery Sunday, with plans to bring the tot out for a swim turned out to be the longest day of my life, one which I nearly lost. I started having sharp abdominal pains at 12pm, which I thought was just severe gastric. So I popped in 2 panadols, and took a short nap with J. I got up before J did, felt better, and tried to take some food, which I later regretted because it all got regurgitated. J got up, wanted a cuddle which I obliged... causing the acute pain to come back. Not sure what was going on, I made Hwa send J to my mum's so he can take me to the doctors later. He returned to find me pale and unconscious on the toilet bowl. He dragged me out, and wanted me to get changed to visit the doctors. I couldn't, and requested to nap again, which he left me to it. After about 30 min, I tried to stand, only to find myself losing consciousness again. That was when Hwa called the ambulance for help. The paramedics told me I was extremely pale,

The hardest part of TTC

After the bravery  , comes the dealing with reality. This cycle of SO-IUI did not work in our favour. Stress with work, home and of course the little rascal did little to help settle the "beans". Saying it doesn't matter, and it was expected is just my way of getting out of a conversation with anyone who asks. Saying I can handle it on my own is my way of telling the hubs to please leave me alone and let me grieve on my own because he nvr seems to get it One may assume that having been through hiccups in the baby making department, this mini failure should not have caused any major negative emotions. Let me just say, every unsuccessful cycle means a lost opportunity and a fresh new cycle that comes with pain, blood and sweat. More so for me... it brings about crushed hopes which even the strongest of women need time to deal with. I had to sit through meetings, calls, press queries and pitch presentations looking like nothing happened, when all I want to do

Starting all over again

I made a pretty brave decision this week to start the whole TTC (trying to conceive) process again. To some, that means counting the days, noting when period comes, when's next ovulation, doing the deed and then hoping for the best. My journey is slightly different. Mine involves needles, blood work, ultrasounds and whatever else which I cannot remember at this point. We know we want a number 2, sooner than later given that these fertility issues may escalate with age. How soon we weren't sure. All we knew was we had a scheduled appointment with Dr Fong to discuss options and just like that, we decided in a split second to go ahead with SO-IUI again... and to do so now. Only when I paid the $1,000 and walked out of the doctor's office that it hit me that we just made a life changing decision. While being secretly hopeful that this will be a one try affair like how Jonas came about, I am also mentally trying to prepare myself for the worst. It could take a month.