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Fun for kids in the West of Singapore- Part 1

My family moved to the western part of Singapore when I was 3 years old. For as long as I can remember , I have lived here, and will likely continue to for an even longer time. At different points, people have asked me what's there to do here in the west as it seems so far away. The common comments I hear from friends while in school were "you live in tuas ah....the industrial area? " Or... "which kampong is that?".

Capella Cony S230T-13 Stroller - Our experience at Shape Run 2013

[J speaks]  Two Sundays ago, we got up bright and early to join over 10,000 pretty aunties and jie jies at the Shape Run . Lucky thing was, Mummy got a room for us to sleep over the night before at Parkroyal@Beach Road together with my good friends MM and PP, who also joined us at the run. Mummy says she will update on the staycation later so I will just focus talking about the Shape Run. If you have read mummy's review of my latest ride (Capella Cony S230T-13) , you would have gathered that we were sponsored to take part in the 2.4km Stroller Fun Run ( a new category in this year's Shape Run) together with 9 other mummies and their kiddos. We started making our way to the entrance of the event ground at about 6.45am and got there a little before 7am. Yawns! We were the first amongst the group to arrive and so I decided to start the day with some exercise by playing catch with Papee. I think Papee needs somewhat more exercise than I do as he looked so lethagic

FTWM: Guilty as charged

On the day a group of us decided to each do a post on our lives as FTWM (that's Full Time Working Mom in case you are wondering), I was close to tears at my desk.  It was already 5pm and the prospect of me NOT taking work home for the 4th time in the week was bleak.  The very same evening, J's IFC teacher asked me whether I was expecting my number 2 because J's recent behaviour in school suggested he may be slightly neglected or may need to share the attention he is getting from us with another. My heart broke.  Last night, J refused to let me feed him...he screamed when I came close to him and threw a hissy fit. On the other hand, he sat quietly and allowed my mil to feed him. I felt helpless.  These, and many other instances, make me question myself time and again if I am not doing enough to love and nurture this precious gift. There were times when I felt angry with myself for not being there for J. The time he first started to crawl, the time he f

Beautiful Mama Blog Awards

Here's a big thank you to Maddie from Mommy's Boy Musings  for nominating me for this award. It came as a surprise, a pleasant one no doubt since I have always been pretty quiet in the mommy blogging space. :) It is always nice to know that people do read my blog, and find it interesting to want to continue reading it. Having been able to be part of an exclusive mom blogging community has made me realise that there are so many of us going through a similar journey, and there's so much to learn from one another.  So.. thank you once again Maddie ! The three things I love about motherhood are 1) To be able to laugh and act silly without anyone judging; 2) To be that someone he looks forward to seeing at the end of each day; 3) To be able to love without any boundaries. are some of the mommies I feel are also very deserving of this award:  The Nice Rebel Rabbit A Juggling Mom Sanses Our Princess Dana My Baby Footsteps Little Blue Bottle  How