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5 things I love about you

Dearest J, Firstly, let mummy apologise for not writing this letter any earlier. I wanted to get this done before your 4th birthday. By now, you would have known that mummy has gone through quite a little bit of drama to get you a sibling over the month of May. Hence, this came only now. I am sorry at this point, mummy and papa will not be able to promise that you will have a brother or sister. That said, we want you to know we will never stop loving you. And, no amount of drama we went through would make us love you any less.

Letter to my 3 year old

Dear Jonas Bee, These days, one of mummy's favourite past time is to scroll through photos we took over your 3 years. I miss the times when you were super chubs, the times when I can cradle you in just one arm, and the times I can baby-wear you everywhere.

At 2.5 years old

Hello there little man! Papa often says how you have overtaken him as the love of Mummy's life, and I can understand why. You have the qualities of mummy's dream guy. You are funny and say the darnest things that often gets me bending down in stitches. While sometimes you get whiny just be because you don't get your way, I see that as you knowing what you want.

Turning 2 years old - A milestone post

I cannot remember when was the last time I did a milestone post for this boy of ours. And, since we attended our first Parents-Teachers-Meeting (PTM) 2 weeks back, this is probably a good time to jot down some of J's development in school. I never thought the first ever PTM I needed to attend as a parent is when my child is only 2 years old. Good thing the experience was positive, otherwise I would have developed a phobia of PTMs in future.

Mom enough

Dear Jonas The week was particularly tough. It's been a long time since you cried inconsolably, with all your might. Nothing we did was able to stop you. you had your own plans. You were determined to test the boundaries, and you knew you had to win. Great to know you inherited my tenacity, although you applying it at perhaps the wrong things. This went on day after day. In school and at home. At the peak of all the drama, I broke down as I did not know what else I could do to make you stop. I was made to look like a bad mother in front of your teachers, and I knew I didn't want to feel small to you. When you spotted my teary eyes, you stopped what you were doing, came and lay your head on my lap, like you knew I needed comfort. The only other reason why you ever lay your head on my lap is for me give you assurance of my presence. This time, it seemed like you are doing the same for me. You wanted to assure me that I am mom enough for you. That's all I needed

Happy 1st Birthday My Son

Dear Jonas, 12 months ago, you popped into my life and turned it pretty much upside down. I never knew that I was able to make it through each day on only about 3 to 4 hours sleep. I also did not know that I could go through extreme emotions, from happy, to angry, to sad and back to happy again in a matter of minutes. I miss the times where I was able to have lunch at a leisurely pace... spend hours in a spa...sit in a cafe just watching the day go by. I get envious when I see friends who are single or sans kids be able to care freely travel to interesting destinations over an extended period. Coming to terms with all the changes and at the same time adapting to them was perhaps the biggest challenges thrown at me thus far. Despite all these, you have taught me patience. Patience that I forgot I had when life and work got the better of me. You taught me the true meaning of unconditional love where reprimands are always met with smelly hugs, silly grins and wet kisses. You t

A boy of character

Dear Jonas, You have grown so much over the past few weeks that Mummy is finding it hard to keep up with your development. You are a week to 4 months old now and you have achieved some amazing social milestones while lagging a little behind on your motor skills (or are you just being lazy?!). Here's how you have developed since Mummy's last letter to you: 8+ weeks - You are frowning less, and smiling more. Smiling on demand even, which melts my heart every single time. Mummy cannot quite remember when you first flashed your genuine smile, but guess that is not  important anymore. It matters more to see you happy each new day, and responding to my presence with that sweet smile of yours. You have also started to coo. You go "oooo" whenever I call out "Jo jo jo nas" to you. Such gentle sound is music to m Mummy's ears. Your physical growth also amazes everyone around you. You gained a hefty kilo just over 2 weeks, making you 6kg at  2 months. A

Our royal fussiness

I finally got down to writing my first letter to our precious boy. Thanks to all the other mummies who have religiously done this, inspiring me to start  my our own letters to document Jonas' development. So here goes for instalment 1. Dear Jonas, You turned 6 weeks old last weekend, and it was probably the longest 1.5 months for Papee & Mummy. You gave Mummy such an easy time when you were in my tummy, and we thought that's going to continue when you arrive. We guess you are now having the last laugh while Papee and Mummy are still trying to suss you out. At week 1 , we thought you were the cutest thing on earth. Mummy had loads of energy and spent almost every waking hour just looking at you. We felt really thankful for you, the most amazing gift we have received in our marriage. You were so easy to care for. We hardly heard you cry... you waited to be fed, loved to bath and went to sleep as and when we wanted you to. Perfect, we thought! Then came week 2 when you d