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[Taiwan Family Holiday] Kaohsiung - Fit for Kids (Part 2)

Let's visit  Sizih Wan, Pier 2 Arts Centre, Shoushan Zoo and Liuhe Night Market! We are back with part 2 of our Kaohsiung post. Part 1 is here by the way. Yeah, yeah. I know, we have been pretty slow in updating our Taiwan experience. Hope you all didn't wait too long! If you are like me who loves the sun and the ocean, you cannot miss Si Zih Wan. Kaohsiung Si Zih Wan (西子湾) Tourists and locals alike, find a good spot to catch the sunset. 

Kaohsiung - Fit for kids (Part 1)

Let's visit Ciaotou Sugar Refinery and Cijin Island Kaohsiung is the second largest city in Taiwan, after Taipei, and is the apparently the most densely populated city in the country.  Scoot expanded their route to include Kaohsiung as a direct destination from Singapore last year, and that makes Scoot one of the 2 airlines (the other being China Airlines) to fly direct from Singapore.  If you prefer to explore different parts of Taiwan like ourselves, using Kaohsiung as a base could be an option, away from the hustle bustle of modern Taiwan. Best part is, Kaohsiung takes about 3.5 hours to get to, almost 40 min less if you choose to fly into Taipei from Singapore.  Traditionally an industrial area, you will still see hints of its history as you travel in and around the city. Despite the commercial nature of the city, Kaohsiung has its charm, and interesting sights for the family.  I am covering a few places where you can visit if you are in town over 2 posts. (

Legend Hotel, Kaohsiung - Taiwan Family Holiday

We just returned from our year end vacation, and no prizes for guessing where we ended at! For the second time in 2015, we visited Taiwan, and I can shout out loud that I love that country very much. With the vast open spaces and lush greenery, as well as the almost endless coastal scenery, I cannot get enough of Taiwan. There's still so much for us to explore and I am very sure we will be back there very soon. This time, we went southwards flying into Kaohsiung instead of Taipei. For the uninitiated, Kaohsiung is at the south-western part of Taiwan, very close to the southern tip, and it is the second most populous city after Taipei. In the past, the only direct flight from Singapore to Kaohsiung is on China Airlines. Most recently, our local budget carrier Scoot started flying this route, and we love it because it takes almost an hour less if we flew into Taipei. Best for my J who hates long plane rides. More about Kaohsiung coming on the blog in the weeks to come. Here&#