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Travel Thursdays: Rainbow Hotel Hong Kong

 #travelogue #holidayinhongkong #hongkong #review #thelimsonholiday  We made a very last minute decision to spend the long Christmas holiday in Hong Kong last year. Source

The bub visits Hong Kong - Final

Finally got down to the last installment of our Hong Kong trip. Better late than never, and with more pictures too! If you missed the first two parts, here they are: Part One Part Two Day 2: With the rain still pouring , we decided to just get out for a walk at Citygate Mall after breakfast.  J's paternal granny decided to stay in the hotel because of her aching feet. So we went ahead without her. Breakfast at the hotel, which we also tapao-ed for J's lunch. The buffet breakfast spread at Eaton Smart was quite scrumptious.  The young man insisting to hold onto the bar. Refusing to let go. He is definitely enjoying his ride on the MTR.  At about noon, we all went back to the hotel to look for J's granny, and searched the area for some dim sum. Visits to Hong Kong will never be complete without a nice leisurely meal of dim sum. We chanced upon what looked like a pretty established restaurant, Choi Fook, with two outlets just along Nathan Street. This one w

The bub visits Hong Kong - Part 2

If you have not read about how we survived the flight to Hong Kong, do remember to read part 1 of our post holiday post.  Let me start by sharing my planned itinerary: Day 1   Arrive in Hong Kong (Mid-day) --> Settle lunch either at Tsui Wah (there is an outlet just across the street from Eaton Smart Hotel) or dim sum lunch at Yat Tung Heen , cantonese restuarant within the premises of Eaton. --> Rest/ nap in the hotel room --> Walk around the Mongkok shopping belt, settle dinner there and take a walk along Ladies Street.  Day 2 Breakfast in the hotel so we can "steal" some bananas and porridge for J --> Spend the day at Ocean Park, and settle lunch there -->Back to the hotel for J to nap --> Have some street food at temple street for dinner. Temple street is about 5 minutes walk away from the hotel. Convenience working at its best.  Day 3 Breakfast at nearby cha chan ting --> Shopping for kids clothes at Stanley Market --> Procee

The bub visits Hong Kong - Part One

At 14 months old, J has already traveled to 2 countries. What a lucky bub  tot he is. After weeks of deciding whether we should be going to Hokkaido for a tour, or Tokyo or Club Med at Phuket, we finally settled on Hong Kong because I am familiar with the place. Moreover, we were bringing both J's maternal & paternal grannies along, so Hong Kong seemed like just the right place with all the right food and shopping options. :) Yes. Brave soul I am. While I was excited because I was dying to get out of the country, there was apprehension as well. Most trips with the grannies don't end well with one or the other getting upset over one things or another. So, I was really crossing my fingers that all will go well this time. In brief, the trip did not end up the way I planned as it rained out on us, and I did not really plan for many indoor activities as grannies are not great shopping enthusiasts like me. Or at least not the mall kind of shopping. Disappointed I was. But

Hong Kong – Dec 2010

Only 3 days outta here… but thoroughly enjoyed the trip with Vic. Out first trip out together…and did some serious walking…(ermm…. no… i should say SHOPPING!). While only 3 days… one of the best thing i enjoyed was Agnes B. The peops there simply love the brand, and if you take a trip down to IFC… you will see a corner of level 2 (i think) turned into an Agnes B concept store… everything you want to find relating to the brand is there. That includes a cafe, a chocolatier and even a restaurant. Yummy! Let’s do this again soon! Korea next?