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Things I like about Bali

I have never been to Bali prior to the (not so) recent team trip. Surprisingly , the man never quite considered it as a holiday destination despite it being very popular with everyone here. I on the other hand, have been wanting to visit the beaches, and soak in the sun and visit the Safari etc. . This trip was great at that it allowed me to do some "market research" and submit a business case to the boss. I really started with wanting to cover only 5 things. Hard to stop, so here's 7 things instead:

Hard Rock Hotel Bali

3 weekends back saw our whole office of 15 people spending an interesting 3 days together at Bali. Usually for events like this, the team either end up closer than ever, or worse off than before. Let's just say we all had a fantastic time. We were put up at Hard Rock Hotel Bali. I must say I was (secretly) excited to check the hotel out so I can add Bali into our next holiday destination.  The Hard Rock chain of hotels always had a reputation of being family friendly with a touch of "edginess".