Hi, my name is Shermeen. I am a Chinese-Filipino who's born and bred in Singapore. 

As a full time working mother (FTWM), I spend my days in the world of marketing, from vetting countless of articles to working on integrated marketing strategies for my employer.

When I shed my  corporate do, I am cleaner, laundress, teacher, cook, listener, nurse, counsellor and friend to my only son, J.

Together with the men of my life (hubby included), we explore activities to do as a family, both in Singapore and overseas, sharing our experiences on the blog.

Being in a highly demanding job, and without permanent help at home, I sometimes pride myself for being able to juggle my various roles as wife, mother, daughter and employee on a day to day basis and often share nuggets of advice to my readers (although I am really a wreak on most days). 

More recently, I opened up about infertility and our IVF journey. We hope to help those who finds infertility a stigma through my writing.

When it is dark and quiet at night, other than blogging, I keep myself busy with baking and jewellery making, My creations will sometimes show it’s head on my social media accounts. And if you are lucky, I will offer to make some of these pretty little things for you!