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Protecting Hopes and Dream

The title of this post sounds very much like the headlines I often write in my day job. While it sometimes seems like "fluff", we do mean what we say when we tell people to start thinking about protecting what matters to the ones they love.  Of course, protection means different things to different people.  In our family, it is about ensuring our kids complete their education, do what they enjoy and grow up being able to support themselves through life. And this should be whether or not the man and I are still alive.  If we live to a ripe old age, and maintain our ability to provide for them, well and great isn't it? But what if something untoward happens to us?  How about the other people who are dependent on our income to live out the rest of lives, like our parents?  Conversations around death or permanent disability is a heavy one and often a sensitive one. However, the conversation is absolutely be necessary.  From a life insurer's perspective