Family Fun in Tainan - Part 2

We spent a fair bit of time at Tainan when we were there in 2015. And I am glad we did because it is such a culturally rich experience to be able to learn a little bit more about the history of this island country I have come to love.

Part 1 of our holiday in Tainan is here, and since I am very very late in sharing our Tainan experience, I thought why not put together a montage of sorts! A teeny weeny bit of truth here is because I cannot remember a lot of the details now.

For the second leg of our trip to Tainan, we covered the old Anping Street.

It was a little disappointing in terms of what was sold there and most shops were not even open, but the one must stop is the Anping Bean Curd shop. The queue for this silky tofu dessert is a testament of how yummy it is.

We also made pit stops at Fort Zeelandia, Beimen and the Cigu Salt Farms.

We cover pretty much most of Tainan, and what piqued my interest the most was probably the salt farms. Other than the fact that salt comes from the sea, I never quite knew how salt is farmed and eventually made their way to every home.

Once again, our visits to Taiwan has always been educational for the our city boy, and we sure encourage families to make at least one trip there for the experience.

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