Family fun in Tainan - Part 1

After all these years, Taiwan remains to be my favourite holiday destination for the family for many reasons, but most importantly, it is the warm hospitality of our regular drivers from Tour Taiwan.

Since I am catching up with travel posts on the blog, let's go back 2.5 years to December 2015 when we were in Taiwan for the year end holidays.

We flew into Kaohsiung as Scoot was having a fantastic promotion and we traveled from Kaohsiung to Tainan. In my opinion, Tainan has so much to offer being the first capital of Taiwan and certainly rich in history.

Honestly, Tainan is very under-rated so I hope it doesn't lose its charm as more tourists set foot there.

Now, let's take a look at some of the interesting places to visit in Tainan!

Hujia Village

A very interesting residential area in the western part of Tainan which exudes the old village charm, much like time stood still, except for the beautiful and colourful painted walls lining the streets.

The village started having cartoon wall murals when 3 sisters had a holiday at their grandmother's who lived at Hujia. They got bored and started painting the walls outside their homes. Villagers started following suit and now this once quiet village started to attract quite a bit of attention from tourists.

We were there in the early morning before any crowd so it was quite an enjoyable walk just discovering the village, and getting surprised by the characters we find as we make the next turn.

Read more about Hujia Village on CNN or just watch our slideshow here. 

The thing about Taiwan is that it provides a "closer to nature" experience for our city kids. The access to all types of animals, and at close encounters makes Taiwan a great educational destination for families with young kids.

Take a look at our experience at what might be the biggest zoo in Tainan with lots of "up close and personal" feeding opportunities with the animals who are mostly alert and excited to have visitors around.

We have been to our fare share of zoos and animal parks, but by far, I always feel Taiwan gives the best hands on experience. 

The Cow's Home.

Another place in Tainan to get up close and personal with animals, or cows as their name suggests. Located at an old unused train station in the Liouying District of Tainan, the farm also houses many other farm animals which I think was one of the highlights for our then 4 year old.

That's the old train station, converted into a souvenir shop. 
Oh, how I miss J at this stage. Writing this now, 3 years on, brings back so much fond memories of my now so little boy. 

I recalled this was the highlight of his day! He absolutely loved this piglet. 

PS. Teacher Lina, if you happen to watch this, do you hear J calling out to you? 

We will continue with other sights and sounds of Tainan in the next post, so stay tuned! 

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PS. excuse our different video designes. Trial and error in the progress. :)