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Becoming mom. A second time round

Little C turns 6 months old in 2 week’s time and it is perhaps a good time to talk a little about becoming mum, a second time around. The most frequent questions I get after giving birth were whether baby is easy to care for, if Little C is anything like Fighter J and if Little C feeds well, has a good latch etc. And very often, people will pepper their questions with a comment that I am not a first time mum and things should be manageable for me. Well, second time round doesn't mean things are easier because each child is different, whether in temperament or preferences. So, let's just say my experience becoming mum again is familiar yet new, at times strange. I was definitely more prepared in terms of what to expect. And, riding on my experience with J, I made my expectations of the people around me very clear, which means I made everyone play by my rules. Oh well, since I just went through 9 months carrying this kid, and a few hours delivering h