Caitlin's Birth Story

C turned 2 months old last week and as cliche as it sounds, time really passes too quickly!

I will be back at work very soon, and I don't even think I am ready.

Anyway, before memories become a blur, here's number 2's birth story.

C was born at exactly 37 weeks, 2 weeks earlier than the experience with J.

However, it wasn't unexpected as she was in the "head down" position as early as the 25th week, and was almost fully engaged at our 35th week obgyn visit.

Things in the office was very hectic since October last year, with one of my team members leaving and myself being fully in charge of running a global conference (something I have not done since I  started leading a team).

So, imagine on top of my business-as-usual work, the year end planning season and managing a 400 pax conference, stress levels were at an all time high. It also didn't help that my longest serving team member decided to also move on and hiring for my cover as well as all the other replacements took longer than expected.

On days when the pressure got to me, I recall exclaiming to my colleagues that I don't think I can make it past the conference which was happening on week 36 of my pregnancy.

Of course I wasn't all that serious because I needed as much time as possible to ensure there's continuity for projects I was handling, and looking back, I am amazed at my confidence for setting my maternity leave to start at week 39.

Here's what happened:

Week 35

Went for my regular check up and obgyn said C is almost fully engaged (horrors!), so I was told to take things easy and hold her in till 37 weeks and he will be happy to "remove" her anytime after.

Actually, he said the very same thing when I hit 30 weeks. Apparently this girl started to make her descend at the beginning of the 3rd trimester and it was no wonder I found it very heavy to walk and all I wanted to do was lie in bed all day. However, it was a crucial 2 weeks as work was heating up as we worked towards an epic global conference. Something that will go down well into my career and what a colleague said as my swan song before I go on my maternity.

So, I was praying very hard C slows down and my colleagues were sweet enough to run errands and get my lunches for me every single day so I don't walk too much.

Of course there's also the man who drives me to work every day so I don't need to stand on the bus to work.

So much love!

Week 36 Day 6 

My obgyn visit was scheduled the day after the curtains were drawn on that all important work conference. 

When we took these pictures, no one knew I was going to deliver in less than 48 hours later. 

At the 2 days conference, I was walking so much that I could feel C pressing at my pelvic area and i was unusually clumsy and my feet were so trotters-like.

I never had so much water retention, not even when I had J. So, my mum instinct told me C was on her way and she was probably just being nice to wait till I am done with my work. 

True enough, my obgyn told me I was already 3cm dilated and all the 2.5kg I gained in 2 weeks have gone to C and my retention as I told him I hardly ate anything. 

Panic set in because i had planned to work on my handover at work in the following 2 weeks and going to give birth then wasn't ideal. 

But, baby comes when she wants to. So I asked for a day to tie up some lose ends. 

We admitted ourselves at 5am on 4 March, and I was hoping for a smooth experience just like J's.... but this girl was slightly fussier then her brother. 

Week 37 Day 1
4 March 2018

4.30am - Woke J up, told him we will see him later in the day and grandma will bring him to the hospital after lunch to see his sister. Showered him with kisses and off we went. 

5.00am - Paper work all done , which was pretty swift and we went to the delivery suite instantly. 

6.00am - I asked for epidural before they administer the medicine to induce C, and I was still only 3cm dilated. 

6.30am - Epidural administered and the induction drip also hooked up. So the wait began. 

7.30am - I was hoping that the dilation would have progressed, but it was super slow. Only 4cm after an hour, and I was just thinking that it will be unlikely C will arrive by lunch time. 

9.30am - by then, dilation was only 6cm, and I was starting to get impatient. I wasn't prepared to be in labour for more than 7 hours. LOL! I was pegging this experience to that of J's. And to make things worse, they had to stop giving me the medication to induce C as when ever I was given it, C's heartrate will increase. Moreover, they had to put me on an oxygen mask, and was told to let C come as she wish. 

I remembered telling the man, I think better call mum that we may not be able to come out by lunch. 

11.00am - Still 7cm dilated. And I was calculating that maybe we can make it out by 2pm. I was only thinking of having her out and get on with life. I felt that few hours in the delivery ward, everything came to a standstill! 

11.45am - Somehow, by a stroke of luck or something, the midwife came in, checked my dilation, didn't tell me how much and just walked out. The next thing I knew was 2 of the nurses prepped me, and said i can start pushing when they are ready. Woohoo! 

But, I was made to push with the oxygen mask! Like seriously?! 

I tried to push many times, but C just refused to come out, and my obgyn had to wait quite long outside. 

Finally, at 12.20pm he came in, and C was out in 10 minutes. 

It was only then I knew I was carrying a 3.2kg chubby girl. 

Yah, my obgyn did not tell me how heavy C was the previous day and can you imagine in a mere 2 weeks, she put on a hefty 0.8kg! Never expected at 37 weeks, she would be above 3kg. 

There the chubby marshmallow is! And check out my super puffy feet and fingers!

Anyway, she was finally out before 1pm, just the way I planned it! 

We made a call home, and my silly first born started getting the jitters as he shouted across the phone that he wasn't ready to be a big brother! 
The older brother who wasn't prepared to be a brother, or so he says! Just look at his smile! 

Whatever it was, I only wanted to eat because I was famished and honestly, I was glad it was all over and that this will be the last time I give birth. No more I told the man! 

My first meal right after i was wheeled into the ward, and I finished all that, which if you know me, is unusual because I don't always finish my food! 

Must remember this look because she looks hardly like this now!