DIY post-partum confinement

Hiring confinement ladies or nannies post-partum is the norm here  in Singapore and our neighbouring countries such as Malaysia.

Well, it certainly makes a lot sense, as mummies can tell you how tiring it is to firstly go through child birth, and then having to get used to a newborn which spells sleepless nights and almost endless feeding, diapering, burping, coaxing , and the list just goes on and on and on...

For many first time parents, it is also a crash course of sorts to learn how to handle a teeny weeny human being, although most will soon find out that caring for a child is probably one of life's longest lesson.

6 years ago, when we were expecting J, we wanted nothing but the best for him (but, of course!).

But, when I did my homework and realised that we had to fork out close to 3 grand for a confinement nanny, my eyes almost popped out! Hence, my MIL cooked  the last time around with my super mom helping our with the kiddo.

Fast forward to this pregnancy, I realised that things have evolved over the years. There are more confinement catering services, and other DIY products available fighting for a piece of the very lucrative mummy and baby market.

So I figured, with a helper at home plus my super mom, it should not be too difficult to DIY my own confinement this time around.

This was how I did it:

1) Cater confinement food

This is a fuss-free way to get all those nutrition needed to nurse yourself back to health. Don't need to think about what soups to drink to 补 whichever part of your body because the caterers have it all thought out.

Money saving tip: If  you are like me who takes a bigger  lunch than dinner, cater in only for lunch. The portions are huge, and I usually cannot finish all the food in one sitting, so I will keep the remainder for dinner. I will then get my helper to prepare soup for me  using pre-packed herbs (see point 2) and I will also eat whatever  else she cooks for the man and J.

There are a couple of popular caterers that specialise in confinement food and most provide the option of a one time trial meal to see if it suits your palate. In fact, I found this blog comparison of confinement food caterers really useful.

We ordered with Rich Food Catering because they were the only ones who provided lunch only for 20 days, plus their costs were the most competitive.

Portions were enough to feed 2 and food was very tasty. I was in love with their marmite pork ribs, steamed cod fish and soups.  The best part is they don't taste like confinement food at all.

One thing I needed to commend Rich Food was that they are always very prompt with their delivery and the food got here still nice and warm. 

Some other confinement food catering can be found on this article or simply ask google. 

2)  Get help from the experts in traditional chinese medicine (TCM) . 

Confinement is all about making sure we replenish what we lost during pregnancy and childbirth nd at the same time prepare us for all that is to come while caring for a newborn such as ensuring we have enough breastmilk and of course energy to sustain sleepless nights.

Many TCM practices will gladly advise on the types of soups to drink up and have them packed for you. There are also practices such as Eu Yan Sang, Hock Hua and Chien Chi Tow that have packaged their post-partum products, making it easy for us to purchase.

Other commercially available options are Mummamia and Nanny SOS.  This list is not exhaustive and a simple google search can find you more options!

Money saving tip: We settled for Madam Partum by Chien Chi Tow mainly because they also had post-natal massage service, and were offering a package that includes 10 sessions of post-natal massage, 28-days pre-packed soup herbs, 28-days pre-packed herbs for red date tea and 28-days pre-packed herbs for bathing with  some savings if you were to get these products and services separately.

It also saved me the hassle of looking for a massage service as I wanted to try TCM massage instead of Jamu this time around.

Nicely packed herbs with clear instructions on how to boil the soup. 

My daily nourishment. Since I have soup from the caterer in the afternoon, these made up my dinner everyday. 

Pre-packed herbs for showering. 

Super easy to use, just place into a pail of warm water. 

My therapist setting up the massage table in my room. 

The binder that came with the package with Madam Partum. 

I am very pleased with Madam Partum, as you can see from my FB feedback for them. One thing I forgot to mention in my feedback is that their customer service is superb. We can easily reach them via WhatsApp and their staff are always very willing to help, so kudos to them for making an already stressful post natal period less stressful.

3) Online grocery and fresh food shopping

Having fresh food is essential during confinement, and getting these done is not impossible if you don't have a confinement nanny to help you do your marketing.

With so many supermarkets such as NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage and RedMart on online,  it is not difficult to get fresh meat and vegetables delivered to your doorstep with some advance planning.
There are also shops such as Open Taste that quality fresh product that delivers too. So, that's also an option.

Money saving tip: These online shops often run promos on their items, hence do take advantage of them to save that extra money.


So, there you have it! It certainly isn't too difficult to DIY your confinement with some advance planning. I felt my confinement this time around is a little more relaxed. Yes, while I am not a first time mum, it sure did feel like it since my last experience was 6 years ago. I think with all the above in place, I had more control over my confinement, and didn't need to feel bad about commenting on the food which my MIL cooked the last time.

Well, if you have been there done that, do share how you manage doing it on your own as well!