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Goodbye to Dayre, and hello here again!

I have never really been gone to be honest. It is just that many of how I feel on a day to day basis found a better space to be on, and I kinda like the idea of blogging on the go. Now that #Dayre is no more (or soon to be no more), I am not likely to go anywhere else but decided to stay with what I have that is, with this familiar space, FB and IG. Although I must say blogging here takes a little bit more effort, but let's just see where this takes us. Blogging have always been my outlet to speak my mind and share what I really feel. No matter which platform, there's always a certain degree of censorship, some less, some more. Hence, I don't think I will stop blogging, and it is just how often, and what. Anyway, I am probably going to be here more often then!