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Keeping it real after birth

There's a saying around pregnancy and childbirth where I believe many mothers can agree to, and that is, pregnancy is usually the easiest part. The hard part comes around needing to cope with the new baby and other responsibilities. 

Whitening Skincare with Hue Floresta (with giveaway)

I have naturally dark and dull looking skin and it often gets worse when I do not get sufficient rest. 
Hence, I am always on the look out for products that will help brighten up my complexion because in my job, I need to 见人。Such are woes of a full time working mum. 
I recently got to try White-a-fair by HueFloresta. 

Claimed to contain no bleaching or whitening agents, it is all natural, made with  soy yoghurt derivatives and pearl that fixes the root of the problem that causes skin discoloration and pigmentation.

The White-a-fair range consist of 7 different products.