[Taiwan Family Holidays] FunCar 放假 Minsu in Tainan.

We were in Tainan last December. yes, almost a year ago and I am still trying to complete all my posts on that trip. 

I think this will be the second last post of the December 2015 trip as I cover one more interesting minsu we stayed at in Tainan. Well, as this was so long ago,  I am just going to do a photo spam! So beware of a really long photo posts. :)

"Wah!! This is too cool! Just my type of fun"

P.S Look at the really cute vintage cars in the background. No wonder the name "FunCar". However, what goes on updates in the 2nd and 3rd floors is even more amazing!" 

This really pretty house - FunCar 小屋 is in a relative new  residential area, and has a nice little park just across a small road the moment you open the main door.

The mini park and playground which was part of the attraction for the boy. 

The very welcoming entrance to the house. 

Living up to the name of the minsu. All about cars complete with a gasoline station. 

If the kids get bored with the cars, there's always the "blackboard" walls to play around with. 
Maximising every moment he had in the house to play with all the cars.

The house can only accomodate 2 families, one on the second floor and one on the third. So, it is quite private for that matter. The theme changed as you make your way upstairs. 
Mickey and friends on level 2. 
And Totoro on level 3 which was where we spent two nights in. 

A panoramic view of the room. This room is enough to accommodate 4 people. 

Yup! It is a mini playground in here. A slide! 

A private play area on the upper deck of the Totoro bed. 

An adult looking area, with the Totoro theme going strong! 

Even the bathroom follows the theme of the room closely. Such a huge shower area. 

Everything in this room is so well thought through. There's a bathtub for babies, and just look at the toiletries. Sebamed Babies catered for the kiddos! 

There you go! If you ever travel to Tainan and want a minsu that's fun for the kids, do give FunCar a go! I am sure all kids will love it, and the space in each room is very comfortable for a family or 4 to 5.

FunCar 小屋
Tainan, Taiwan