Family staycation at Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa

We were due for our annual November trip out to Krabi. A trip much looked forward trip by the boy because of the fun stuff at the hotel that we booked. However, as you would already know, his sudden illness means we rather stay grounded for the time being to keep him from any potential infection.

But, we wanted to ensure we keep J's spirits up and not make it seem like his illness is keeping him from any of our "normal" activities. Hence, we opted for a staycation at Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa mainly because it has all the facilities that the Krabi resort has.

A superb view from our sea-view balcony room at Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa

We insisted on this, though we knew full well J will not be able to enjoy them, more so to reassure him that his illness does not change our choice of activities. We also hoped it would spur him to want to get better.

We opted for the "Kids-on-us" package where all kids related activities comes free, and they dine for free too! Perfect for families who just want to be at one place throughout the stay.

View of the room with lots of sunlight. That balcony was what attracted me. Perfect to lounge around if J prefers to stay indoors. My dose of sunshine. 

View into the room from the  balcony. Father and son enjoying some tender moments. 

J enjoying the bed. 

A complimentary cake from the hotel to celebrate the man's birthday. 

And I wonder who's celebrating?! 

Another breathtaking view from our balcony 
After settling in after check-in, we wanted to take a shuttle bus out to Vivo-city to get some supplies. But, the boy, people a little people phobic wanted to stay on the island, so we decided to explore the resort grounds as well as the surrounding Siloso Beach. We also took the opportunity to get him interested in playgrounds again since there's little people at the playground on the premise.

Picture taken just outside the Toots Club, the resident indoor playground. J said " Mummy, when I am better, will you take m back here again?" " Certainly Baby" says I. 

We forced him to look excited before carrying this 20kg weight up onto the slide. 

Struggling a little to sit upright on the slide. But, it's ok as no one is looking. 

Obviously not pleased at all. 

A much happier mood at Siloso Beach which is right next to the resort. The monorail station is also here, where there's a 7-eleven where we are able to get out chips and beer! 

Since we were not able to go very far, we decided on dinner at their Silver Shell Cafe. They have a themed buffet dinner every day, and it was Italian when we were there. 

Did I also mention how fantastic it is for them to have a Kids Zone buffet just for the young ones? 

Great selection of food, and my favourite has to be their pasta!

They have Haagen Daz ice cream here too! 

Their buffet breakfast was equally impressive. No photos though because... well... it was just too crowded with tourists. 

This was what J was looking forward to. Unfortunately, they did not allow adults to go onto the slides with kids. We had to manage J's disappointment, but we didn't want to risk him going onto the slides himself as he cannot support his weight. 

Thankfully, there's water play here although he complained of tired legs like after a minute! So we went off to the pool for some water therapy. 

It wasn't long before he became a little upset because he wasn't able to play like the other kids. So, we spent the rest of the day in the room. 

We paid S$500 including taxes for a one-night stay. Not cheap, but it was great for us to spend quality time as a family, away from distractions such as daily chores etc. It would have be perfect if J was able to take advantage of all the kids related services and facilities. 

That said, we will get there, and for now, staycations are great for our family to spend lazy weekends together. 

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