[Taiwan Family Holiday] Migrantland Leisure Resort ( 米格蘭休閒農莊) Tainan

It's more than 6 months since we visited Taiwan in December, but I still miss that place a great deal especially this leisure resort set in a very quiet and tranquil fishing farm area of Cigu, Tainan.  Cigu is the salt town of Tainan. 

Fishing catchment area at Migrantland Leisure Resort  (米格蘭休閒農莊)

 As we flew into Kaohsiung during our last visit, we made our way up north to Tainan and stayed a few days there. Our final night in Taiwan during that trip was spent at this lovely resort. 

I came across Migrantland when I was scanning through a Taiwanese blogger's ( I cannot seem to find his blog anymore... urgh... cos the URLs are so hard to remember) review of minsus (homestays) around Tainan.

At the time he wrote about the resort, it just opened its doors (somewhere in the middle of 2015) , and from what I saw on their Facebook page, the resort's main clientale were locals. The resort is really for locals to get away from city life and to experience the beauty of Tainan. 

The man and I are always gamed to live the way the locals do, hence we decided to pay the resort a visit.  In fact, I was looking forward to this accommodation during the trip. 

Migrantland is a distance away from Tainan's city proper. In fact, being located where the fish farms are means there is really nothing around the resort. No shops, no eateries, no public transport even. Hence, you need to come here all prepared, and well stocked with food. 

The resort has barbecue facilities and visitors can fish at any of their fish catchment areas. So, there is a high chance you can have barbecue milk fish for dinner. Of course you can also bring you own fresh product to cook here. Unfortunately, we were not as prepared. Thankfully Jeff our driver was still around. So he took us to the nearest 7-eleven where we got a couple of instant food (which is a must-have when in Taiwan) and we headed back to R&R.

BBQ facilities 

The rooms are small. Very chalet-like, but clean nonetheless. It is so small that i had difficulties taking a proper picture of it. Despite the room being small, the bed was huge. More than enough space for the 3 of us, so we placed our 2 luggage on one side of the bed. While it looks simple, they have everything we expect in a hotel as well... right down to a hairdryer and a 32 inch TV. Not bad.. really not bad at all!

There are nicer pictures of the room on their FaceBook page.

The owner of the resort grows different cherry tomatoes and strawberries on the premises as well, and we are allowed to pluck and consume them if we want to. J took a strawberry, however, it was too sour for his liking. LOL! 

What the man enjoyed most is the fishing. The owner of the resort has a couple of fish catchment areas. There is supposed to be one right in front of our room and that was what we were looking forward to all trip. We dreamt of putting J to bed early, then lounge at the veranda with some beer and fish at the same time.

However, the resort was undergoing some upgrading works and this was how the catchment area looked like:

Luckily, we are still able to fish behind the resort: 

J watching over Papa's fishes. We managed to catch 4, and all J wanted to do is to put the fishes back so they can look for their Papa & Mummy... (awwww!), which we did anyway.

The resort provides breakfast with the booking of the room, however don't expect much. The fare is really just simple porridge and preserved food. :)

While a little out of the way, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay here, and it was a pity that we only had one night here. In fact, we even talked about returning.

If you are like us who prefer a little of the rural and back to basics experience, I strongly recommend Migrant Land. However, this is not an easy place to get to, so make sure you make the necessary transport arrangement. If you have a driver like us, there is an option to book a "driver's room" for him.


米格蘭休閒農莊 (Migrant Land Leisure Resort / Mi Ge Lan)
七股區篤加里13鄰115-18號 Gary Benedict District No. 13 o 115-18 Chiku