5 things I love about you

Dearest J,

Firstly, let mummy apologise for not writing this letter any earlier. I wanted to get this done before your 4th birthday. By now, you would have known that mummy has gone through quite a little bit of drama to get you a sibling over the month of May. Hence, this came only now.

I am sorry at this point, mummy and papa will not be able to promise that you will have a brother or sister. That said, we want you to know we will never stop loving you. And, no amount of drama we went through would make us love you any less.

Thank you for being that kid that doesn't make us pull our hair out.

Of course, you have your terror tantrums now and then (very much less these days) but those are really manageable, at least in my opinion. 

For a lazy mummy like me, if I say it's manageable... means you have been the kind of kid we have always wanted. Minimal fuss, easily contented, although some people may see you as spoilt.... but I choose to think you know what you want, and you don't always get your way. Not with me at least!

 I hope this brings out a smile on your face when you eventually get to read this. Maybe when you are old enough and needs to remember me? 

You often ask me why I love you so much. 

Other than you being my son where my love for you is unconditional, here's my top 5 reasons why ( not my only 5 reasons though). 

Your kind heart
Your loving heart makes you ever willing to part with your train sets for those "kids who have no mummy and papa to buy toys for them". You also willingly take your unopened boxes of  Oreo, your favourite flavour nonetheless to families with little or nothing to eat. I don't know where you learn these from, but we must have done something right along the way. 

Your curiosity of the world and things around you...
From the works of nature like flooding and how it affects the animals, to why dumplings are thrown into the sea during mid-autumn festival. You never fail to amaze us with your questions, all pretty good ones I must say. And when we tell you why, you remember it... very much to heart. I enjoy sharing with you about how the world works and listening to how you try to delve deeper. We have even discussed death  and it surprises me how you understand bits of what it means, and begin to tear and hug us really tight when you realise death means we will not be with you anymore (if it happens to us)

Your determination 
Sometimes you give up and want me to help with whatever you are doing. But most times, you will keep trying and come to me triumphantly chanting " Must perservere! Try and try and try.. never give up!" Your determination goes both ways.... through the good things.. and the bad too! ie. trying to get your grannies to get you the toy you want. We hope that as you grow older and wiser, you will know how to use this trait of yours at the right places, on the right things. 

Your smile
I am biased. You have the most charming smile. I sumpah! No one, not even your Papa has ever melted my heart as many times as you have! Continue smiling my dear boy. 

Your fierce love for Papa and me
You may sometimes make our life difficult by throwing those fiesty fits, and those are only directed at both of us. But on the same note, you cannot bear to stay upset or angry with us for long because only we are able to provide you with the love and protection you need. I like that you have no favourites and both Papa and mummy hold equal weight in your heart. Looks like our approach to co-parent you equally has made you love us just equally. We have evicted you from our bed and room so many times, but you will never fail to find your way back. While you are getting too big to squeeze in with us, we will treasure the moments you still want to maintain that body contact with us while you sleep, till the time you don't need us anymore. 

My dear boy, we don't wish for you to be the smartest kid in school, neither do we wish for you to be the best in whatever you do. All we ask is that you always put your best foot forward. 

We love you more than you can ever imagine. 

Love, Mummy Boo