About the 4th birthday party

Birthday parties for the past 3 years have always been quite a taboo in our little family. Other than J's full month party which he probably remembered nothing about, every other party we tried to organise never quite materialized.

We finally managed to pull off a party this year! I hope he does not ask for one every year though

His first birthday was cancelled 2 days before the party day because he got his first HFMD.

For his second birthday, we wanted a small do with some friends. That got cancelled too because he had a drippy nose. So for his third, we decided to do without a party.

This year, he asked for one. We thought about it long and hard, and partly because he is the only child, we wanted him to be able to have friends to spend time with him. So, we took it as a mega playdate and went ahead to plan for one.

And.... it was a BLAST! All the kids had so much fun, we felt so bad to "chase" them away as our room booking has ended, but thank God for making sure all kiddies were well to come along for an afternoon of fun.

It was a SUPERHERO Party by the way! Not a fancy party, but it is really the company that mattered.

Tried to do our best to get the superhero theme up and running. We had local fare catered from Qiji. So simple yet so good! I recommend their mee siam and popiah!
We had healthy snacks available in case the kids wanted to munch. Amazingly, these were more popular with the adults! Thanks to Boxgreen for their kind sponsorship. My favourites are their "Rocky Pecan Brittle", "Peanut, Pretzels Muddy Bites" and "Bearylicious".
(Psst...scroll to the bottom for an exclusive discount code for Boxgreen). 
Goodie bags with where each kid gets a a superhero cape and a water gun. Water guns if the little superheroes decide to take their business in the pool....which they did! 

An indoor play area for the toddlers or if the little superheroes want to stay away from the mad mad heat outside. 
Before the kids decided to go outdoors. 
Our motorised car from Friso came in handy to entertain the kiddos. Girls get to be SuperGirls and boys, obviously SuperBoys!
What better way to burn off calories from lunch than take a leisurely swim....

...Or engage in a water fight!
Finally....it was time for cake! Another hit with the guests was this yummy Ondeh Ondeh cake from In the Brickyard.  The sponge is moist and fluffy, layered with a flavourful, yet not so sweet gula melaka. We topped the cake with a self-made superhero cake topper.
And... it's a wrap with our little superheroes coming together for the customary birthday sing-along! Look at those happy faces! 
Our little family wants to thank all the friends and family for dropping by to make this day possible! J certainly enjoyed himself and was smiling ear to ear till he KO-ed for the day at 7.30pm. (yeah... he had a sugar high and skipped his nap).


Vendors we used: 

Food: QiJi
Snacks: Boxgreen (for those who are keen on trying Boxgreen, use "shermeen30" to get a 30% discount for first time customers.) 
Superhero Cape: Taobao
Watergun: SKP
Cake: In the Brickyard
Cake topper: Self-made with clip art from Etsy (Little Moss).