Week in life of a blogging mum

I started blogging more than 10 years ago, more to rant about daily ups and downs. Basically things that got me riled up and when I need an avenue to let it all out. 

Then, it progressed to using the blog and different networks to help me do my day job as a marketer better, till I became a mother. This space slowly turned into our trove of memories. 

We had a difficult time conceiving J, and he will likely be our only child. Hence, it is understandable that we want to create as much memories as we can so he is able to refer to this when he is older. 

So. How do I keep up with all the recording? 

Well, I am a mother first before anything else. A full time working mother who happens to like to blog. 

"Being away from the boy most of the day, I enjoy taking pictures of him on my phone so I can look at them when I miss him, and when things get a little rough at work. "

These pictures become my happy pill. So, when I manage a breather in between work, or when in transit, these gets loaded up either on the blog, Instagram or Dayre

Really... all this social media postings comes as a second nature to me as I do these as part of my day job too.

So how do I do it right? 

Hoookay...let's start with Sundays. 


After a full week at work, and going for classes and other family activities on Saturdays, Sundays in our family, are really for chilling. 

We are early risers. 

So Sunday mornings are made of a combination of these, and it varies across different weeks. 

We always try to keep Sundays free of any engagements so we can either do our supermarket run or just spend time as a family. This is also the reason why we don't usually appear at blogger events, weekends or not, as we prefer undisturbed time together. 

Good morning world! Let's laze in bed a little bit since we have not thought about what we should be doing today. 

Last Sunday, we spent time clearing out old and spoilt toys. You can see them in the bags at the background. We were done pretty early at 9am. Thus father and son got together to play their current favourite Lego. 
Off to Papa's swim school. We had intended to get J to join a swim class. But decided he will attend Papa's swim school for now until he progresses in his taekwondo to the next level, before considering to invest more in his training to be a jock. Lol!

And it is obvious here's where I try to make this picture perfect so it gets onto my instagram. 

Lunch out is a prelude to putting J at grandma's for his afternoon nap and weekly playtime with my niece. 

Both the man and I always look forward to the time J stays with my mum. We get a good 2 to 3 hours without him, and on some occasions, we come back home to get some housework done. Otherwise we laze around to catch-up with our TV dramas... and sometimes we head out for some much needed retail therapy. And when inspiration comes knocking, I whip up a meal for the family. 

Last Sunday, the man chose to stay home to complete the Avengers Tower which was much anticipated by the boy. This is how much he loves the boy. It took him over 3 hours to complete the structure. Well, sometimes I think the man just wants to relive his lost childhood! LOL! 

Hard at work to produce.......
..... this. The Avenger's Tower. Aiyoh! 
 As for me, I took the time to go through some work emails. It is always a nice start to the busy work week if I have it planned before it begins. 

"I am a firm believer of how you start your week will determine how you end it. Must be something I learnt during my days in Customer Service. "

By 5-ish, that is when we trot over to my mum's, spend sometime chatting with my brother before we head home to wind down. 

Some play time before bedtime. 

And then.... our crazy busy weekdays start. 


I am always the first in the family to get up between 5 to 5.30am, simply because it is the only time I can take my time to wash-up and have time on my own. Undisturbed time...woohoo! 

Well, of course there are times when the little rascal decides to ruin my quiet time by getting up to some mischief. 

My must haves in the morning. 

On most days, after I am done with my morning quiet time, I sit by J's side going through my emails while waiting for him to get up. That usually happens between 6.30 to 6.45am. Enough time for me to look through emails that came through at night since I work in a UK based company. 
The man gets the coffee ready before we scoot off to work. 

This sometimes happens when the boy is in the mood.... so here's when I make sure my phone or camera is ready to shoot! 
Otherwise this is what happens when J gets up way earlier than usual. He gets up to all kinds of mischief, yet this blogging mum never fails to capture these for memory sake. 
After our morning hoo-haas at home, the time I look forward most is the "pockets of time" I get on the bus. This is when I either scroll through social media, look at emails, and more importantly...blog! On dayre and instagram mostly. 

My days at work are sometimes "bloggable" too especially when there are recces to go to. These were the photographable moments where food was involved! 

Some super talented students from Nanyang Polytechnic served up this rainbow concoction for us. 

...and complemented it with a citrusy starter. Great stuff at L'Rez which is a training restuarant fully run by polytechnic students. 
And then there's more food at Pollen, all because we are having important guests over in 2 months time and we need to ensure food we serve is of tip-top in quality! Love my job sometimes! LOL! 

After work, it is when the man and I try to coordinate the time we arrive at my mum's to pick the boy up. If I am earlier, I will cab to my hubby's office so we can drive home together. 

And, this is what I do while waiting for the man. I make it a point to leave office at about 5.30pm. This means there will be emails not answered, things not done. So, I do them on the go so we get optimum time at home with J or just to get more housework off our backs. Here's a post I wrote sometime back about my after hours on weekdays. 
J's playmate at my mum's place. And this monkey simply loves to play the fool! 
We end up squeezing in a wefie just to show how much we miss each other.

Or.... we come home to this! A brand new car courtesy of our kind sponsor. So, this is where the serious blogging part comes. I try to capture his first moments with the gift and quickly load it onto Instagram. 
This is an online purchase that arrived at my mum's  last week. Lovely cheong sam from Our Bitsy Prints. When I get my loots, the first thing I do when we get home is to try them on, again making it an instagram moment! :) Pretty right? 

Weekdays are really more or less the way it is as mentioned with variations here and there and that's how we keep our lives interesting. 

Then comes Saturdays! 

Mornings are made of these. Packing the cabinets so we don't live out of our sofas. Here's why.....https://dayre.me/meeningfully/U13aqY9Ju5

Then... it is Taekwondo time....
...which also means the man and I get 45min of time to ourselves for a hearty local breakfast. 
Last Saturday we got extra couple time since we had a doctor's appointment to go to. This Pandan Gula Melaka cake is yummilicious!
And then we are back to mucking around in the car! Mother and son, cannot do without wefies! 

Oh boy! This is certainly a very long post! It did take me over the past few weeks to document what we do in a week. 

"I don't think blogging has made our family any different from others. We just make a conscious effort to ensure we don't miss out on the little things that make us smile and make our lives complete. "

Hope you all enjoyed walking through our week with us. 

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