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Social Media and Your Career

Social media has become very much a way of life for many of us. As a marketer, the advent of social media is superb, opening up many avenues for us to reach out to our target audience, at a fraction of the cost as opposed to spending on traditional advertising media. Most importantly, it allows for tracking of performance. You know that all important ROI discussions we have in the office, and more so the justifying of marketing spends. Ever since I helped set-up the Facebook page for my then employer some 7 years back, I never looked back.  Social media has and will always be part of my integrated marketing plans. It has also become a part of my life, evident from how I also evolved to be a parent blogger. I am one who cannot get past a day without checking my Instagram, Facebook and Dayre accounts, and the number of platforms I have accounts on is numerous. There are probably some which I have already forgotten about. As my colleague puts it, I have quite an activ

Legend Hotel, Kaohsiung - Taiwan Family Holiday

We just returned from our year end vacation, and no prizes for guessing where we ended at! For the second time in 2015, we visited Taiwan, and I can shout out loud that I love that country very much. With the vast open spaces and lush greenery, as well as the almost endless coastal scenery, I cannot get enough of Taiwan. There's still so much for us to explore and I am very sure we will be back there very soon. This time, we went southwards flying into Kaohsiung instead of Taipei. For the uninitiated, Kaohsiung is at the south-western part of Taiwan, very close to the southern tip, and it is the second most populous city after Taipei. In the past, the only direct flight from Singapore to Kaohsiung is on China Airlines. Most recently, our local budget carrier Scoot started flying this route, and we love it because it takes almost an hour less if we flew into Taipei. Best for my J who hates long plane rides. More about Kaohsiung coming on the blog in the weeks to come. Here&#